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    1500 point team list

    Hello I made this list to be used in 2v2's with my friend who is a Bret player.

    Spellweaver level 4 GENERAL
    ·Wand of the Witch Elm
    ·Hail of Doom Arrow


    Glade Guard x 10

    Glade Guard x 10

    Glade Guard x 10

    Wild Riders x5
    ·Standard Bearer
    ·Razor Banner

    Tree Kin x6

    Great Eagle

    sorry I don't have the point values listed I do not have my book with me. Here is the list that my friend will be using

    Men-at-Arms x 20 110 Pts
    • Musician

    Trebuchet x 2 180 Pts

    Pegasus Knights x3 165 Pts

    Bretonnian Lord … 229 pts
    Barded Warhorse …
    Shield …
    Gauntlet of the Duel …
    • Challenges cannot be refused.
    Silver Lance of the Blessed
    • All attacks automatically hit
    Cuirass of Fortune
    • Re-roll any 1s when rolling to wound

    Bretonnian Paladin … 161
    Shield …
    Barded Warhorse…
    Lance …
    Virtue of the Impetuous Knight …
    Razor Standard …
    • Armor-Piercing

    Knights of the Realm x8 … 241
    Standard Bearer
    Banner of Swiftness …
    • +1 Movement

    Knights of the Realm x8 … 233
    Standard Bearer
    War Banner …
    • +1 CR

    Knights Errant x9 … 180

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    Drop the wild riders, you don't need them. I assume that the paladin is a BSB as I think Brets need to take one. I would bump the treekin up to 8. Maybe try to see if you can get a branch wraith with cluster of radients and annoyance of netlings in the list. Maybe drop the eagle, even though I love eagles.

    Good hunting,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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