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    3000 points of Tree-smashage

    This list is an all comers list that I just got a couple new models for and have been trying out this week and so far its the best list Ive ran in 8th edition and has given me some very good results against some powerful army lists. The only problem is I would like to run the hail of doom on my battle standard bearer but I cant find a safe solution how to, because the asendils bane in our book will kill him almost definatly.

    Lord percentage 23.3

    -Treeman ancient with cluster

    -Treeman ancient with annoyance of netlings

    hero percentage 4.7

    -Battlestandard bearer
    -light armor
    -murder of spites
    -helm of the hunt

    core percentage 28.8

    -either two units of 20 glade guard
    or 4 units of 10 glade guard, im getting good results from both but better results from the groups of 20 because nothing wants to charge them then, but the 4 groups of 10 can pick out more targets, i dont know which fits my list yet though.

    -8 dryads
    -8 dryads
    -8 dryads
    -8 dryads

    special 20.8 percent

    -6 treekin

    -13 wardancers (BSB BUNKER)

    Rare 22.33 percent

    -great eagle
    -great eagle

    My tactics for this list are pretty straight forward, I use the dryads to go first in waves againt blocks or to go straight for warmachines or shooting units. Then I go after the bigger nastyer units with all the treemen and treekin. The wardancers hang out behind the treeman and treekin looking for an opening in the phalanx to charge in with the battlestandard bearer. The BSB isnt equiped for taking blows because im very picky about which units the wardancers charge and im usualy able to keep units away from them so he is naked for a reason.

    The eagles go warmachine hunting, I usualy look down on them for they are so terrible but ive been using them in this list and they work really good because of all the scaryer targets than them to shoot at, lf their is no warmachines present like some very agressive players I know I use them as a homing bomb on spellcasters in units or I use them to try and help combats even though they die, but they usualy get a wound or two and the crush attacks always help a little for combat rez

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    Why would the bane bow kill the noble? Don't see how you figure that.

    As for the archers, why not one unit of 20 and two units of 10. Best of both worlds don't you know.

    That is a lot of treemen. I like it. I would try to get the treekin unit up to 8 though.

    Woods ahoy,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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