Spell Weaver host. An 8th ed. Wood Elf army. 2000 points. - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Spell Weaver host. An 8th ed. Wood Elf army. 2000 points.

    Spellweaver`s host

    Lev 3 spellweaver 270 pts
    -wand of wych elm
    -Lore of Life

    Lev 3 spellweaver 215 pts
    -Lore of Beasts

    Branchwraith 115 pts
    -lamenation of despair
    -cluster of radiance

    Glade Guard x10 120 pts

    Glade Guard x10 120 pts

    Glade Guard x10 120 pts

    Dryads x9 120 pts

    Tree Kin x6 390 pts

    Wild Riders x8 269 pts
    -Full command group

    Warhawk Riders x3 140 pts

    Wardancers x6 129 pts

    Total : 1996 pts.

    What is your idea of a Wood Elf army relying on the winds of magic and to utilize the Lore of Beasts and Life to the max?

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    I think this was posted in the wrong section. But I have some thoughts.

    For starters, I think you really only need to/can focus on one lore or the other, and I think that a single level 4 has a more powerful magic phase than two level three's. (+4 to cast as compared to +3)

    As for tweaks to the army as it stands:
    I'd drop the wardancers all together.

    Increase the treekin to eight. Those extra wounds and attacks really help in my experience.

    Looks like you've only got 492 points in your core. I'd drop the branch nymph and take some musicians.

    Drop the lamentations, take the netlings. Lamentations won't help you most of the time, and netlings will let you challenge chump anything.

    You should still have 29 points left over from the command on your wardancers at this point. Drop the champion from the wild riders and take a stone of crystal mere on your lore of life spell singer. By my estimated math that leaves you around 17 points play with.

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