I'm new to the whole gaming experience of WARHAMMER although I've been painting for some time now. But the time has come to let my fearsome warriors meet the table. Here is a lineup I was thinking of (pretty much all the models I've got, excluding a wizard and 3 warhawk riders) should beat the crap out of my brother's High elves. Would be awesome not only with critisism on the list but also maybe some tip to think of vs the other elves =).. Well here goes!

Lords 16%
Wood Elf Noble 120
  • Hail of doom arrow
  • Briarsheath
Core 53%
12 Glade Guards + musician 150
12 Glade Guards + musician 150
8 Dryads 96

Special 14,5%
6 Wardancers 108

Rare 16%
5 Warwatchers 120