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    2200 - Dusting off the Wood Elves

    Its been about 6 months since I've played warhammer, so I'm just switching over from 7th edition to 8th. I've tried to take into account the changes (good and bad) that 8th edition has introduced to wood elves. Heres what I've come up with:

    Lord - 215 pts (16%)

    Spellweaver - Level 4 Lore of Life
    Wand of the Wych Elm
    Talisman of Preservation

    Heroes - 411 pts (19%)

    Noble - BSB - 142 pts
    Light Armor, Enchanted Shield, OgreBlade

    Noble - Alter - 154 pts
    Light Armor, Shield, Hail of Doom, Sword of Might

    Branchwraith - 115 pts
    Cluster of Radients, Annoyence of Nettlings

    Core - 688 pts (31%)

    18 Glade Guard - 265 pts
    Standard, Champion, Musician, Banner of Springtide
    (Spellweaver and BSB go here)

    12 Glade Guard - 120 pts

    12 Dryads - 156 pts
    (Branchwraith goes here)

    5 Glade Riders - 147 pts
    Standard, Music

    Special - 223 pts (10%)
    12 Wardancers

    Rare - 527 pts (24%)
    Treeman - 285
    Great Eagle - 50
    8 Waywatchers - 192

    A couple main questions I have include: Are the unit sizes I have good, or should some units be smaller/larger? While the 'standard alter' from 7th edition is not very viable, Will an alter like the one I have be a good choice? Should I replace him with another hero, or maybe add in a unit of wild riders?

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    To your question about alter kindred characters, I don't think the noble version is viable anymore. A lord level, where you have the points for some protective items can still work though. In this case, I would drop that kindred. I would also drop the glade riders, as they just die nowadays. Get a couple more archers to meet the minimum core requirements, and then spend some points elsewhere. You may want to switch the wardancers for treekin, they are really nice in this edition. But that is a standard now, and you may want to play differently.

    Have fun,
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