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    2500 tournament list

    Tournament this weekend. First ever official tournament, so it should be fun. Honestly, I'm more going to become familiar with the scene than to actually win. That being said, winning is always fun too! So I've brought this list up and I was looking for feedback. Haven't decided if I'm going with Wood elves or High elves yet though. I'll be posting my HE list (in the HE thread obviously) shortly. Anyone familiar with both races, please offer your suggestions and advice.


    Treeman Ancient w/ Annoyance of netlings (350)

    Spellsinger w/ lvl2 and divination orb (150)

    Branchwraith w/ cluster of radiants (90)

    10x Glade Guard w/ standard, mucisian, banner of eternal flame (148)

    10x Glade Guard w/ Musician (126)

    20x Glade Guard w/ Standard, Musician, springtide banner (283)

    6x Scouts (XXXX)

    10x Dryads w/ Champion (132)

    6x Treekin (xxxx)

    6x Treekin (xxxx)

    Treeman (xxxx)

    Eagle (xxxx)

    I have the scouts and eagle to take out lone characters/warmachines. Glade guard to shoot stuff up, and dryads to house wraith and flank when needed/able. Two units of 3x2 treekin will be doing most of the killing, supported by the treeman and ancient. I opted for the singer with orb instead of hte weaver with wand because I would rather have the extra dice than be allowed to reroll a failed attempt. Sure it'd be nice, but that extra dice will come in handy too. Then theres the radiants, so I think I'm good on magic defense. What do you guys think? Also, please comment on my HE list as well if you're in the know.... Thanks.

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    Looks like a decent list. A couple things I would change though. First off, I am not a fan of the divination orb. The variation on the dice when you throw 4 or more is just to great to make it that useful. I would rather take a dispel scroll to guarantee one stop anyway.

    Also, with two treemen, and two units of treekin, you really want a BSB in your list. I would drop the wraith for a BSB, and give the cluster to the ancient. You may have to lose the eagle or some dryads to accomplish this.

    Have fun,
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