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    NEW 4K+1k SoM Woodelves + Vampires List.

    Okay so I made a list recently and now I have had to make a bit of tweeking Due to the fact that now my opponent makes sure he takes Living Deadwood Staff to **** up my deployment completely.

    It is a Fluffy List, With Woodelves making a Pact with Vampires. (A fallen Woodelf, made vampire, that has rejoined his original kin after The Forest made use of substantial magics to reclaim him). This forest vampire has 5 Blood Knights that serve him and a small escort of 10 Ghouls - Any larger brigade than this and Athel Loren would have a hissy fit and slay them where they stood.


    Highborn on Forest Dragon, LA, Shield, Dawn Spear (actually might take the +2str Sword..), Helm of the hunt, Stone of Crystal Mere 3+ Ward on Dragon and Rider, (Windcatcher Prism from SoM).

    Level 4 Lore of
    Life Spellweaver, wand of wych elm (on Fulcrum 1).
    Level 3 Vampire Lord, Lore of Metal: Forbidden Lore, Master of Black Arts,; The Flayed Hauberk, (Living Deadwood Staff from SoM). (on Fulcrum 2).
    Level 2 Spellsinger with Calaingors Staff.
    Level 1 Branchwraith, Cluster of Radients.

    Noble BSB, LA, Bane Bow, Hail of Doom.


    10 Glade Guard w music
    10 Glade Guard w music
    10 Glade Guard w music
    10 Glade Guard w music
    20 Glade Guard w music
    20 Glade Guard w music, std + springtide banner


    8 Treekin
    8 Treekin
    7 Wardancers w music
    7 Wardancers w music

    2 Treemen

    10 Ghouls

    5 Blood Knights

    - AJ -

    Having Said this.. I am Also tempted to Scrap the Vampire and SoM items and instead take 4 x Hydra with the Auto Hit Range attack (this would give 20 Automatic Strength 5 hits with 18" shooting)... Just a thought.

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    - Wood Elves + Orcs & Goblins since 2009 -

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