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    1000 Point Army - First time playing

    Hey everyone. I recently got into Warhammer Fantasy. Played a few games in store and at friends places. I even played a game using the WE battalion + a spellsinger for a 750 (or so) friendly game and won But before I go further and start buying stuff (since it's expensive) I want to get your opinions on my army idea. I'd love to hear what the old hands have to say about what I've come up with.

    Here Goes:

    Total points: 999

    Spellweaver, lvl3, lore of life - 215

    Noble, Light armor, Great Eagle, Rageth's Wildfire Blades, The Helm of the Hunt - 157

    Treekin x 3 - 195

    Waywatchers x 6 - 144

    Glade Guard x 12 - 144
    Glade Guard x 12 - 144

    What do you think? I know i don't have any Riders or Dryads, but im not sure what do do to get them in there.

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    Not a bad start. I think waywatchers are a little on the expensive side for a 1k game. For that price you could get some dryads and maybe an eagle if you can find a point somewhere. And your noble should get a ward save of some kind.

    Welcome to the forest,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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    Welcome to the Forest. Once you Start Rolling over Trolls with the Wood Folk you may never leave the saftey of the Woods.

    The Wood Elves have surprisingly Gotten Stronger in this Edition. Most players are still kicking it old school and people are kicking their ass;s for it, but for the players who are smart and moved on They find the Wood Elves have the balls to carve their own place in the Warhammer world.

    The list you have started with is a good Start. The only problem I see you having is the points sunk into the Way watchers, and the Noble. The Alter Noble will never make his points back in this edition, way too much line of sight to find him and stop him, and by the end of the game, he is only two wounds of toughness three squishyness. The way watchers have also lost there shine, killing blow is nice, but there is too little shots, and too many models on the board to make buying them worth your while.

    Most Armies in Fantasy you can start with a small list and build with it, but Wood Elves are tricky. things that work in Large games dont work in small games. Small games tend to focus on lots of shots, while Large games are won with lots of Trees. Magic is also not worth it in small games, because it is hard to protect a spellweaver without spending lots of points into it. A spellweaver with a Bunker costs almost 400 points, and that is 1/3 of your points being sunk into around 14 toughness 3 wounds, so I try to save her for Large Games.

    this is my list for 1000 that has had extremely good Feedback

    Noble-scout-Hail of Doom-Extra hand Weapon
    8 scouts( noble goes here)

    10 archers
    10 archers
    10 archers
    4 treekin
    5 Glade Riders

    Basically, the Noble/scout unit gets placed on the Board at there weak spot and exposes it. The Archers Focus on a unit or two and slow them down trying to get enough wounds to cripple it, and the treekin play defense and protect the Archers, or if possible, go forward and smash. The Glade Riders go forward and shoot while looking for something small to charge at and to just be annoying, youll probably lose them every game, but people get annoyed when something is on their side of the board without their permission.

    Good Luck with the ELves, be careful though, Elves are so Sharp with there playstyle, that once you start winning, you may never stop. A Sharpened Knife will cut every time.
    Last edited by slann-o-engine-eo; November 8th, 2011 at 05:47.

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    nice little warband tho i would prefer 10 dryads over 5 glade riders you already have plenty of shooting to wittle your enemy down the treekin and dryads could then move in and eat everything else yum yum buurp

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