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    2500 Glade Guard Block

    I talked about this in one of the other threads and this is about what the list looks like, though the list I'd run would be a little more experimental with 2 eagles, warhawks and an eagle noble.


    Spellweaver - 350
    Level 4 - Lore of Life
    Rhymer's Harp, Divination Orb

    Spellweaver - 270
    Level 3 - Lore of Beasts
    Wand of Wych Elm


    Noble - 135
    Armor of Silvered Steel


    Glade Guard x49 - 627
    Lords Bowmen, Musician, Standard Bearer
    Lichbone Pennant (May replace with Eternal Flame and Add Dragonbane gem to either Beastweaver/BSB)


    Treekin x6
    Treekin x6


    Great Eagle

    Total: 2497

    Now, the most glaring weakness to this list is the fact that you have a HUGE clump of points sitting in your Glade Guard unit, more than half to be precise. Dwellers is your biggest fear with this unit, so make sure you dispel it at all costs and pray that they don't get double 6s. Keeping Wildform up offers a little bit of protection due to the strength buff. which brings us to spells. Your key spells actually lie in your Beastweaver, but it's only level 3 because she won't be dispelling and your biggest boost is actually the signature spell. Wildform turns your unit of Glade Guard into S/T4 which means there will be a lot of decent attacks going back, but the really dangerous thing is the stand and shoot reaction that I will get too later. The other spells you want your beastweaver to have (in order) are Curse of Anrahir, Savage Beast of Horrors, and Transformation. If you get the other two, they're not terrible just not as effective. Your lifeweaver is your backbone, your stone, your rock. Not only is she holding your precious 5+ wardsave, but also your divination orb, which is why she's the level 4. Thankfully, she's a lifeweaver, so she'll keep herself healthy. The other reason you want her as a level 4 is because Life has your utility spells and you want a lot of them. In order, the ones you want are Regrowth, Stoneform, Dwellers, Throne. Shield of Thorns is never bad, making it a close 5th and awakening has it's uses, especially in a wood elf army. If you can avoid it, don't ever take earthblood because you already have a 5+ ward save and it doesn't stack with regeneration. A throne boosted stoneform gives you T7 Elves with a 5+ wardsave that will ideally be striking at S4 and I should have to tell you why that's good.

    I mentioned before about this unit's stand and shoot reaction and let me tell you that it is nasty. Ideally, you want to keep your unit as wide as possible to give you your horde attacks (You'll need them), while keeping as many in range as possible. At 10 wide, you'll be looking at 36 shots into one unit, assuming you didn't move and have range. Now, depending on what's lining up to face this deceptively dangerous unit, it might be worth it to reform into a unit as wide as possible to not only maximize the number of stand and shoot attacks, but also push your characters to safety (unless you're positive you can get a savage beast off along with a wildform). For example, a horde of marauders are ready to charge you, so you reform to be 15 wide. That could knock off an entire rank before combat even starts (might even break them), but it still leaves you with three ranks of models and at least 30 attacks (possibly 6+ extra) before they get to go. Mind you the points difference there is staggering, but you have a very nice, very expensive combat unit ready to go.

    Keep your treekin/treeman nearby to protect your flanks and use your eagles to hunt warmachine and/or wizards.

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    So how did it go?

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