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    2000 pt army competitive

    Here's my attempt at a 2000 pt army, after reading through a lot of army lists on LO I believe this should be a good list. The only thing I wasnt sure of was whether to use two nobles (one with BSB and one with HODA, leading units of Glade Guard) or the one noble config I have here.

    LORDS (350)

    Spellweaver Lvl 4 350
    Lore of Life
    Rhymers Harp
    Divination Orb

    HEROS (130)

    Noble 130
    Asyendis Bane

    CORE (637)
    4X 10 Glade Guard
    11 Glade Guard w/ Banner of Springtide 157 (for Spellweaver)

    SPECIAL (546)
    6 Treekin
    6 Wild Riders

    RARE (335)
    Great Eagle

    TOTAL 1998

    Any comments would be welcome. I tried to balance the trees vs elves, with a cav unit and eagle for mobility. Level 4 wizard should provide enough magic, with harp giving protection and orb giving a little more dispel power. Noble is for holding the line and an extra shooting attack.

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    The list is great except for a few things. The harp on the weaver is wasted because it's only going on twelve models. You would be much better with a wand and talisman of protection. The same can be said for the banner of springtide. If the enemy is that close to your twelve guys (4"on average), they should have other things to worry about, and so should you. I would replace it with a banner of flame. The only other soft spot could be the riders, but they're not bad.
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