I am new to both WHFB and the Wood Elves. I want to put together a balanced list that will work for tourney play. He is what I am thinking - Feel free to let me have it!

General - Highborn with GW, LA, Helm of the Hunt, Amber pendant
will accompany the eternal guard unit

Noble with LA, ES, Spear of Twilight, Eleven steed - will accompany Glade Riders

Spellsinger with 2 DS

Branchwraith - Lv1 Wizard with Cluster of Radiants

10 GG
10 GG
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
5 GR with full command
20 EG with full command

8 wardancers
3 treekin
3 warhawk riders

1995 points

Basic plan
EG with general are to provide strong infantry base. Wardancers and treekin will be
nearby to flank

Dryads screen and possibly flank
Warhawks warmachine and mage hunt and march block
Glade guard march block, harass, and flank charge

Let me have it!!!