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    First attempt at WE, 1000 points

    Hey all,

    I am a brettonian fantasy player, and recently played against some WE. I ran out of time for the game, but I was losing, mostly due to trying to reform to catch skirmishers (I know, I know). Anyway, I loved the way the elves played and their magic, so I have decided to try my hand at a 1000 point army and decide from there. So here goes.

    Noble (155)
    Waywatcher Kindred, Doom Arrow, Talisman of protection

    Spellsinger (150)
    Lvl 2, Dispel scroll

    Glade Gaurd (144)
    12 gaurd

    Glade Gaurd (144)
    12 gaurd

    Dryads (96)
    7 dryads
    1 Branch Nymph

    Eternal Gaurd (174)
    9 eternal Gaurd
    standard bearer

    Waywatchers (120)
    5 way watchers

    This entire list comes in at 995 points by my calculation. Anyway, I would like to know what you guys think. Thanks!

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    It's pretty solid. I might drop each GG unit to 10, drop the WW, and get scouts instead. Then you'd have some more points for eternal guard. I find that WW need more than 5 to really take advantage of their killing blow rule.

    I wouldn't pay the points for a branch nymph.

    Still, you have solid core units, a lot of shooting, and good characters. Should work well.

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