Wood Elves [2000] - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Wood Elves [2000]

    My first attempt at a Wood Elf list.

    Spellweaver- 300 pts
    4th lvl
    2 dispel scrolls

    Noble- 128 pts
    Scout, light armor, xtra hand weap, shield
    Hail of Doom Arrow

    Noble- 108 pts
    light armor, shield, great weapon

    Branchwraith- 140 pts
    1st lvl
    murder of spites

    2x 10 Glade Guard- 240 pts

    2x 5 Scouts- 182 pts

    5 Glade Riders- 129 pts

    11 Dryads- 132 pts

    16 Eternal Guard- 222 pts
    Full Command

    3 Treekin- 195 pts

    7 Waywatchers- 168 pts

    Great Eagle- 50 pts

    Plenty of disruption (too much?), so your opponent isn't marching anywhere fast.

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    I think the list is solid. I've had good success with both a spellweaver and a scouting noble in possession of the hail of doom. And an alter used well should sow confusion and a bit of mayhem. Your last hero, a branchwraith, is one of my favorites, especially when backed up by dryads.

    Two units of glade guard should mete out severe punishment before you engage the enemy. The scouts might be stronger with the banner of saemrath, but finding the points would be tough.

    I've had less success with Glade Riders, but I think it's just me learning to use them that's causing their poor showings.

    Treekin are another favorite. Rock solid and capable of causing many wounds, these guys can take on anything.

    And the eagle will threaten lone models and war machines. Are you using the model from the High Elf line?

    Anyhow, I like the list, including the waywatchers, and would minor stylistic changes only to suit my own fluffy idea of the army.

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