now, i have much orcies and now now i wanna go play with them vs my wood elves. right now i have 1 box of glade guard and im gonna buy a box of dryads. with these im gonna make a 200 points warband. then when i have the cash i go buy a hero with GW for my 350 points army and than i go save up for a troop of wardancers for the 500 points army

i was thinking for the 200 points army
4 dryads = 48
4 dryads = 48
glade guard unit champion=20
7 glade guard = 84


for the 300 points

10 glade guard = 120
hero with GW and light armor and shield = 83
6 dryads= 72
6 dryads= 72

= 345

for the 500 points

noble 83
great weapon, light armour, shield

10 glade guard 126

8 wardancers 144

6 dryads 72

6 dryads. 72

=497 points

please give me idees or help. but please think of that i only can use the models i showed above, i havent got much cash so i cant go buy other things than these