Here is my second Army List that I have created after a few revisions. This is a themed army based in the period in which winter is setting in (so no Forest Spirits). The army is also akin to a ragged band sent by Ariel to hunt Beastmen in the wider world (so definitely no Forest Spirits as they'll far from any forest more often than not). I decided on this theme because it gives a certain amount of versatility in who you can fight against (bandits, a dispute with a High Elf... etc.). I also chose a Wardancer as the General because of all the Kindreds, the Wardancer Kindred seem to be the most charismatic - being storytellers.

Highborn - General, Wardancer Kindred, Blades of Loec (230 pts)
Spellsinger - Dispel Scroll, Ranu's Heartstone (170 pts)
Spellsinger - 2 Dispel Scrolls (175 pts)
Noble - Eternal Kindred (80 pts)

17 Eternal Guard - Full Command, War Banner (259 pts)
4 units of 5 Glade Guard (480 pts)
2 units of 10 Glade Riders - Musician (258 pts)

3 Warhawk Riders (120 pts)
2 units of 8 Wardancers - Full Command (330 pts)
7 Wardancers - Full Command (147 pts)

5 Waywatchers (120pts)
Great Eagle (50 pts)

Total Amount: 2419 pts

Hopefully, some of you can give me tips, as I can't think of what else I should be doing to it. Anything I could add to it?