I imagine eveyone can build this on Army Builder so im not going to list point values

Highborn- Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Talisman of Protection and Paegent of Strikes, Light Armour and shield.

15 Glade Guard w/ full command + magic Banner of Springtide (Accomanied by Highborn)

10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

7 Scouts w/ Musician

Truthsayer (Albion Campaign, tournament legal) (Best bang for your buck!)

25 Eternal Guard w/ full command

Branchwraith - Cluster of Radiants

9 Drayds (accompanied by Branchwraith)

6 Glade Riders w/ musician

Spellsinger (Glamourweave on horse) Divination Orb, Dispel Scroll

Deploy a solid battle line with combat troops interspersed with archer units. Keep Spellsinger near Riders until he can hide on his own. Keep Truthsayer near Eternal Guard so he dont get shot. Depending on who your fighting, (Especially other elves of humans), slow advance with tons of arrowfire. Against toughies like dwarves or orcs, sit back and make them come to you. Flank charge with scouts to hold up units. They are expendable if the situation is right (e.g. if not getting magiced or shot to death yourself) Sweep flanks with glade riders. Use Truthsayer spells on Eternal guard and generals archer unit (especially Blessing of Valor). Ariel's Blessing Good to cast on archer units until combat then put on Glade guard. This army has decent magical offense and good defense (e.g. 6 dispel dice, dispel scroll and Divination Orb. Avoid hard charging knights with dryads (they can suffer a bit too much like that. Get Eternal guard into combat with equal # units or double them up with the dryads or glade riders on the flank to negate rank bonus for enemy.
Shooting....As many shots at one unit as possible, Panic check is most important, with general's Bow and Bodkins, target knights or other heavy armoured dudes. Paegent of Strikes at champion models in units that may charge general and his archers.

Give all of this a try and fine tune to your style if need be, (Warhawks instead of Glade Riders, or dropping Glade Riders and 5 Eternal guard for a group of Wardancers) then hit the RTT tournaments and kick some butt.

Good luck and Let me know how the battles go!!