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Thread: Warband 500 pts

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    Warband 500 pts

    Okay, here's the backdrop. My buddy and I are running the Winter of Woe campaign. We're at the third scenario, which is interesting since it entails internecine warfare. You got it, Wood Elves versus Wood Elves.

    It's a 500 pt warband scenario with a few catches. No forest spirits. Magic, for all intents and purposes, is useless. The most important detail is how the results of this third scenario effect the next scenario. I'm already up 100 pts for the fourth game, but if either side wins in this third scenario, I lose 50 of those 100 pts. What's worse is if this third game ends in a draw. Then I lose all 100 of those points for game four.

    In other words, what's best for me in the big picture of the campaign is to either wipe him out or allow him to wipe me out. The latter option seems not only unsportsmanlike, but also cowardly. That means wiping the forest floor with his upstart wood elves.

    So here's what I'm thinking. How can I be more mobile than my opponent and how can I take advantage of his WEs low toughness?

    Here's the list I've concocted:
    Wardancers x 6, bladesinger (commander)
    Wardancers x 6 bladesinger
    GG x 3
    GG x 3
    GG x 4
    GR x 5

    I considered using a block of EG, but that seemed boring and too immobile. One question I have is about the glade riders. Should I use two units, one of three and another of two instead of one large unit?

    I can't break the Wardancers into smaller units because of the warband restrictions on special units.

    Should I include a flyer? I'm not sure what the advantage of having one would be, but maybe I'm missing something.

    Thanks for any tips in advance!

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    What will your opponent be fielding?
    your and his GG can wreak havoc with S 4 arrows. Could turn out in a shirt range missle fight.
    (sorry) but a smaal unit of EG perhaps?, (it is winter after all !)
    Personally i think Wardancers are a good idea, butt... they only have a 6+ ward against missle fire, so hide them or they will soon be Bye bye :cry: . And we let that happen, can't we.

    My last suggestion: Warhawk rider ond or anything else fast get the charge.. fast, there are likly to be only small units so, a unit of GR can wreak havoc.

    About the list, it looks fine, maybe get warhawk riders in change of i unit of wardancers.
    or change a unit of GG into EG.

    Hope it helps and Good hunting!

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