"The Midnight Glade is part of Athel Loren that is constantly cloaked in an unnatural darkness."
The glade is close to the Northern borders of Athel Loren.
The trees around and inside the Glade are Wild and Dangerous and have no love for any living thing.
Few Asrai are foolhardy enough to go there and it is a quiet and forbidding place.

The spirits who live in the glade were corrupted when Gyrnaeth, a tree spirit of great age slew a champion of the dark gods, the spilling of such evil blood corrupt the glade, since then the spirits have had no relations with anyone, elf or man, slaying all who wander too close.

One impetuous spirit by the name of Synthais decided that the bloodshed of those who would harm them was not enough, she and her dryads have begun launching raids upon unsuspecting Asrai patrols, taking on the form of young elf maidens or fellow warriors. Leaving one survivor in each raid to tell of the evil elves.

The most recent raid resulted in three survivors as a group of Horsemen, who's deformities showed that they were clearly from the same glade managed to route the shapeshifters. They made haste in returning to the the trees they had appeared from. They maintain an uneasy alliance with the other spirits in the glade. Their heroic actions that day earned them the title of the Redeemers.


Treeman Ancient with a Murder of Spites and an Annoyance of Netlings

Branchwraith with Level 1 magic and a Cluster of Radiants

Synthais' Raiders
12 Dryads including Branch Nymph

12 Dryads including Branch Nymph

12 Dryads including Branch Nymph

12 Dryads including Branch Nymph

12 Dryads including Branch Nymph

The Redeemers
5 Wild Riders of Kurnous

The Silent Sentinels
4 Tree Kin including Tree Kin Elder

Spawn of the Midnight Glade