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    Wood elf 2000pts

    hello, im gonna post my 2000pts i havnt tried it yet so i just wanna see what its thought of

    Bow of Loren
    Arcane Bodkins
    Stone of the Crystal Mere
    light armour
    great weapon 244pts

    Lv 2
    Dispel scroll
    Divination Orb 175

    Lv 2
    Dispel Scroll
    Calaingor's Stave 175

    Great weapon
    Hail of doom arrow
    light armour 146

    10 archers

    10 archers

    12 dryads, nymph

    19 eternal guard
    Banner of Dwindling
    (lord's unit) 308

    19 eternal guard
    (noble's unit) 258

    6 waywatchers
    shadow sentinel

    3 warhawk riders
    Wind rider

    also if anyone has any idea's for converting a wood elf army battle standard, i dont have the current one and its limited edition, on top of that its hideous. and i the armies i play the most are dwarves, counts occasionally dark elves and empire, but i keep on struggling beating dwarves with anything but my tomb kings

    EDIT: Some unit totals removed. Please do not post totals where a wee bit of division will yield the per model cost. Thanks. --DavidVC04.

    Last edited by DavidWC09; April 12th, 2006 at 00:29.

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    Hi, ClariceStarling. Welcome to LO!

    Now that the greetings are done with, onto the list...

    If you want Eternal Guard, consider a battle standard bearer to go with them. They become stubborn on 9 and reroll break tests.

    Myself, I'd drop the second unit of EG and get a treeman instead. Now you have a big, nasty flanking monster that adds a bound spell. He's already stubborn and kept near the Eternal Guard with their BSB, he can now reroll failed break tests, too. And he causes terror.

    If you're taking a waywatcher noble, then I wouldn't take a shadow sentinel. Use the points for the treeman, or for another dryad.

    The banner of dwindling seems made for wild riders. I'd take the war banner on the eternal guard. Guaranteed combat res every round, and it's all about combat res.

    Warhawk riders are terrific.

    Dryads are great. THe more, the merrier.

    I've gotten to where I take just three characters, but that's just me. They're so crappin' expensive. If I were to run your list and make the changes I suggested above, I'd change the characters to a spellweaver (wand of wych elm, dispel scroll), an alter noble (helm of the hunt, great weapon, lt armor, hail of doom), and a waywatcher noble (maybe the teleportation thing, just to see the face your opponents will make, especially when they ask, "And I don't get a chance to dispel it?"--but really you need a fancy bow or arrow to make a WW noble worth taking at all).

    Dropping a character, you'd probably free up enough points to make two units of 8 dryads, which would help if you were relying on that highborn to make eternal guard into core units.
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    Davisd summed up most of the problems, also I would drop a wind rider fir another waywatcher, also the deepwood sphere is better than the orb. Then drop the WW noble for a bsb with Oaken armour. Then replacve the SotCM for AoN and enchanted shield. GL.

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