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    Help 1000 points WE army

    First of all English is not my first language so if I misunderstood any of the posting rules i'm sorry lol
    Ok... we're four players playing WE, HE, Bretonnia + Empire vs. two players (VC + Orcs)
    Our armies can be up to 1000 points and theirs up to 2000.
    The thing is thay've been really stupid saying that they're gonna win and such, and we're really desperate to win this game :w00t:

    Of course, this thread is here for you ppl to post advice on WE haha but feel free to add comments on the rest of the armies if you wish XD

    Our "strategy" :shifty: is as it follows:

    HE are gonna concentrate on magic (3 mages lvl 2) and chariots I think (a friend posted his topic on the HE forum)
    Bretonnia is handling the chavalry (sp?) and might have a mage
    Empire has got its cannons but idk what else they'll use
    now the most important part: WE (EVERYBODY knows WE are the key for our victory lol)

    Im gonna put the archers. Would u put 2 or 3 core units?
    Now, the rest of the units i'm not really sure of their names in English so I'll describe them (don't get mad @ me!! haha)
    So, here's what we've come up to-
    some hawk riders (the ones that look like eagles): we thought we might be able to attack the others and then get away before they could strike back

    Wardancers (i think thats the name)

    A level 2 mage: spellsinger?? (sp) (VC are really good with magic so we might just add a few more dice to our side)

    wayatchers/treeman we're not sure which

    We've also had people telling us to have dryads.

    What do you think? I'm not asking u to make me a list, just to tell us good stuff against their armies.


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    Two or three units of archers will depend a lot on how much table space you have to deploy the troops. If you're using a big table, then I'd go with three. The Empire has guess range missile fire that can misfire. Archers never misfire. Thirty arrows raining down on the enemy can run lots of goblins off the table.

    I'd go with a treeman before I'd go with waywatchers, but Glade Guard Scouts might be good for marchblocking early.

    If you want a magic user to add dispel dice, do one of two things. Either have a lvl 1 spellsinger with two dispel scrolls. Or a lvl 1 branchwraith with a cluster of radiants.

    Take dryads. They can fulfill many roles. They are tough, strong fighters that are immune to psych and cause fear.
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