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    2000 pt Friendly List

    Oki doki i'm a wood elf player who plays a lot of friendly games and would like some advice on my list. I play against pretty much every army there is so i'm looking for a good balanced list. So here's my List


    Highborn Mounted on a Great Stag
    Oaken Armour
    280 pts

    Noble (Eternal Kindred)
    Amber Pendant
    Great Weapon
    Light Armour
    119 pts

    2 Lvl 1 Spellsingers
    1 Dispell Scroll Each
    230 pts

    Core Units

    19 Eternal Guard with Noble
    Standard, Musician
    246 pts

    20 Eternal Guard
    Standard, Musician
    258 pts

    2 x 10 Glade Guard
    240 pts

    10 Dryads
    120 pts

    Special Units

    10 Wardancers
    180 pts

    5 Treekin
    325 pts

    Total = 1997 pts

    Ok please tell me what you think any help would be appreciated

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    The whole list is really different from what I play, but I think it's a really good build.

    A few observations:

    There's no need to give your Eternal Noble light armor since the EG fighting style gives him a 5+ armor save.

    Give one of your Spellsingers Calaignor's Stave. The extra treesinging can make a big difference for shaping the battlefield to your liking.

    You've got a highborn on a great stag, but who's he accompanying? I wouldn't take that character build unless I had a unit of Wild Riders to serve as his posse. Instead, I'd do this with your Noble and Highborn:

    Make the Noble a Battle Standard Bearer with a mundane banner. Give him the Oaken Armour. Now his unit of EG and the one next to him can reroll any failed break tests. Since both units are stubborn on a 9, rerolling makes them nigh unbreakable. Oaken Armour gives him a good chance of living through the game; well, a 50/50 chance at least.

    Your Highborn can either support the other EG unit with something like light armor, a shield, an Annoyance of Netlings, and Rhymer's Harp for a very defensive stance; or he can take the offensive and run loose as an Alter, which would give him even more mobility than he has on the Great Stag.

    If you make him an Alter, you have some great combos at your disposal. Like lt armor, shld, gw, Helm of the Hunt, Amber Pendant, and Hail of Doom Arrow. The Amber Pendant is made for a character with a great weapon.

    I'd take 8 Wardancers with both a musician and champion. Wardancers can generate a pile of attacks, and a champion adds one more. An extra attack isn't always worth it IMO, but for WDs it is. Additionally, the musician makes them much more likely to rally if they do break from combat, and eventually that'll happen. If you roll poorly or just get outclassed, that expensive unit of killing power will run for the border. The cost of a musician can make up the cost of a fleeing unit many times over.

    I'd take three, maybe four, Treekin. A unit five wide makes for a lot of wheeling, and a big point sink.

    You'd still have points for a Great Eagle, and a flying unit is always worth taking, especially when it's cheap. I once saw my eagle hold up a small unit of Brettonian knights for three rounds. They're worth the march blocking ability alone and are great for assaulting warmachines or small, skirmishing units.

    My list would something like this:

    Highborn Alter Kindred; Hand Weapon; Longbow; Great Weapon; Light Armor; Shield; The Helm of the Hunt; Amber Pendant; Hail of Doom Arrow

    Noble Battle Standard Bearer; The Oaken Armor

    Spellsinger General Calaingor's Stave; Dispel Scroll

    Spellsinger 2 Dispel Scrolls

    10 Glade Guard

    10 Glade Guard

    10 Dryads

    20 Eternal Guard Mus; Std

    20 Eternal Guard Mus; Std

    8 Wardancers Mus; Bladesinger

    3 Tree Kin

    1 Great Eagle

    Total Roster Cost: 1983

    Created with Army Builder
    Copyright (c) 1997-2006 Lone Wolf Development, Inc. All rights reserved.

    A measly four power dice.
    A respectable four dispel dice and three scrolls.

    If the Tree Kin stick near the EG, they'll reroll break tests also, or you can team them with the Wardancers and Dryads for another offensive front.

    The Highborn is an important character since he costs so many points. If you go with an Alter Highborn, don't get overly confident with him. Use him to attack units that one of the other combat units--WDs, Dryds, TK, or EG-- are engaging.

    Whew, that was longer than I intended. Sorry if it's a bit overdone.
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    Thx thats some good ideas that i hadn't thought of i'll definitely give my list a little bit of a makeover.

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