2000 pts vs. Brets - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 pts vs. Brets

    Highborn Alter: bow of loren, arcane bodkins, helm of the hunt
    Noble Wardancer: Moonstone of the Hidden Ways
    Branchwraith, lvl 1, cluster of radiants, murder of spites
    Spellsinger, lvl 1, calaignor's stave, dispel scroll

    Dryads x 8
    Dryads x 8
    Glade Riders x 6

    Wardancers x 7, mus, champ
    Wardancers x 7, mus, champ
    Wild Riders x 7, fc, war banner
    Warhawk Riders x 3


    Really weird for me to have any GG in a list, but I'm going for all-out mobility this time.

    I'll focus on being selective with what enemy units I pounce on with multiple units of my own. The hawks are there to get the trebuchet and march block.

    Only 51 models. That makes me edgy.

    Any advice or comments out there?

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    Ok i'll give my thoughts on this, IMHO against brets waywatchers are incredibly useful, it can be hard to break down the armour on knights especially with strength 3 elves so the killing blow that waywatchers get is useful plus the scouting rules they have mean they aren't really a mobility hindrance.

    I'm not sure about giving your highborn a helm of the hunt as it seems that you've made him a ranged character and so the charging bonus' won't really be useful and it would be cheaper to just give him a light armour etc. if you're looking for a save.

    Otherwise i think it's a good list, hopefully that was vaguely useful.

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