hi i made a 2000 point wood elve list which i would want to use for both friendly and competive events.

heres my list.

eternal guard highborn w/ great weapon and light armour 154
lv2 spell singer w/ calaingor's stave 175pts
lv2 spell singer w/ 2 dispel scrolls 175pts
war dancer noble w/ blade of loec 140pts

19 eternal guards w/ full command 258pts
5 glade riders w/ musician 129pts
5 glade riders w/ musician 129pts
5 glade riders w/ musician 129pts
10 dryads 120pts

7 war dancers w/ musician and blade singer 147pts
6 wild riders w/ full command and banner of dwindling 242pts
3 tree kin 195pts

total 1993pts

heres my plan.

dryads in front screening eternal guards, wardancers, tree kin and wild riders
glade riders harras the flanks, take out the war machines and keep the flank ocupied as long as posible. when the enemy at the center is close, dryads move to the side and the 2 mid units hold them in combat. then dryads and wardancers attack from the flank.
when the flank is destroyed from shooting, the unit comes back and atacks at rear. if not then the unit keeps harrasing.