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    2250 Tournament List

    God, it has been a long time since I've been on LO. Well this time I am going to try an finally attend a fantasy RTT with my Wood Elves. Here is my sort of unorthodoxed list.

    2 scrolls
    Deepwood Sphere
    ( Only level 3 because she is mainly gor defense. I once baited a 40 saurus skellie unit with dryads and they overan into the same woods as my weaver. Then there were only 5.)

    Level 1
    Annoyance of Nettlings
    Cluster of Radiants
    (more magice defense and still pretty damn good in cc)

    Wardancer Noble
    Blades of Loec
    (I need atleast 1 Fighty character)

    X2 10 GG
    (shooting core, I find that the 3rd unit ussually can't see much but I will put them back in once I fnd the models.)

    X3 10 Dryads
    branch Nymphs
    (I decided to try bigger size, and I can't find some)

    5 Scouts
    banner of zenith
    (march block and mage snipping)

    5 Glade Riders
    (fast cav)

    6 Willd Riders
    (a must)

    9 Wardancers
    (I love these guys)

    6 Waywatchers
    (To be a nusance and mage snipping, they have actually killed a vamp lord after some dryads helped.)

    And finnaly

    6 Venators+ Voland
    (muahahahahahaha S4 Heavy Ca in a wood elf list, they are modeled as Brettonians because I am angry that fluff wise WE and Bretts help each other while Bretts can't be used as allies.)

    91 models
    6 Power Dice
    6 Dispell Dice+ 2 scrolls

    How does it look ( this is mainly addresed to David)

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    Dude, sorry I missed the list.

    I like it a lot. Why the branch nymphs, though? That's really the only thing I'd change. Maybe drop two of them, keeping the one for the BW's unit, and adding an archer to each unit.

    The Venators will be a fun list, and I think you're right. They fit perfectly with the fluff.

    I'm not a big fan of two scouting units as I find just placing one tricky sometimes, but the banner of the zenith can make a big difference. And I haven't tried them with the new rules for march-blocked skirmishers, so I'm worried that they'll die even more quickly.
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