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    Member Drizkan Fireheart's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
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    1500 Wood Elves friendly

    I havn't yet had a chance to use my Wood Elves in battle, so I'm not sure what works well together yet. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Noble - Eternal Kindred, Amber Pendant (Accompanies Eternal Guard)
    Noble - Light armour, Great weapon, steed, Bow of Loren (Accompanies Glade Riders)
    *Spellsinger - 2 x Dispel scroll

    *Glade Guard x 16
    *Eternal Guard x 15 - Musician, Standard bearer, Eternal
    Dryads x 8 - Branch Nymph
    Glade Riders x 7 - Musician, Standard bearer, Horsemaster

    Wardancer Troupe x 12 - Musician, Bladesinger
    Wild Riders x 5 - Musician, Standard bearer, Wild Hunter

    Altered after suggestions from _Toast_
    Alterations include removal of one Glade Guard unit of ten to add 6 Glade Guard to the other Glade Guard unit and 4 more Eternal Guard to the existing unit, also the Wardancer noble was replaced with a Spellsinger with dispel scrolls

    Hope this looks better now, and thank you for your comments.

    Last edited by Drizkan Fireheart; November 19th, 2006 at 22:29. Reason: Saves reposting for just a few alterations
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    well, first things first. You NEED magic...you will be crushed alive if you opponents field 1 or 2 magic users. Also, i find eternal guard need to be in blocks of 15 or higher to have combat effectivness. weight in numbers is usually the determining factor for me. I might get rid of the wardancer noble for points for a wizard. I would also scrap 1 glade guard to buff out your Eternal guard. I like the list, but it needs magic and more troops, and i think youll only remedy this probelm by making room by scrapping other less imporstant things
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    *moved to army list forum*

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    The wardancers will be more effective broken into two units of six. I use two units of 7 at 2000, and they're deadly. At 1500, that many will be terrific.

    Plus, you divide risk by splitting them: risk of shooting, magic damage, running from combat, etc.

    And it gives you two viable threats instead of one big threat.

    Also if all 12 do make it to combat, only 6 or so can get into btb contact anyhow.

    Also, I'd drop the EG noble and get a BSB instead. Rerolling for a stubborn unit is terrific. Give him the annoyance of netlings and something like the sword of strength.

    Then you can make the GR noble your general. You'll find the hail of doom arrow much more effective than the bow of loren.

    The bow of loren is great on highborns who also have the starfire arrows or arcane bodkins. But with mundane, str 3 arrows, it's really not worth it.

    You could also give him the helm of the hunt and a spear for a lot of attacks on the charge since you will need them to flank on occasion.
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