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Thread: 2150 Friendly

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    2150 Friendly

    This is my first ever Wood Elf list. Until this point, my Warhammer has been strictly Necrarch Vampire Counts, with a tiny bit of dabbling in Nurgle Hordes of Chaos that never really panned out. But, for awhile now, I've been interested in Wood Elves.

    Just last Tuesday, I finally picked up the army book, to study up on them a bit. I developed a bit of a list that I wanted to use, and since my tax money came in a couple days ago, I went out and bought my entire army list today. Dropped over $300 at Games Workshop on this army, so I hope it's good

    My first game with them will, I'm assuming, be this Tuesday at the next fantasy night at Games Workshop. Here's the list I'm going to roll with, for a 2150 game.



    Treeman Ancient
    -Spites: A Murder of Spites, A Befuddlement of Mischiefs, A Pageant of Shrikes, A Muster of Malevolents


    Wood Elf Noble
    -Light Armor
    -Battle Standard Bearer
    -Spear of Twilight
    -Helm of the Hunt

    -Level 1 Wizard
    -Spites: A Blight of Terrors

    -Level 1 Wizard
    -Spites: A Cluster of Radiants


    Dryads (x12)
    -Joined by: Branchwraith (Level 1 Wizard, Blight of Terrors)

    Dryads (x12)
    -Joined by: Branchwraith (Level 1 Wizard, A Cluster of Radiants

    Glade Guard (x10)
    -Standard Bearer
    -Magic Standard: Aech - The Banner of Springtide


    Eternal Guard (x20)
    -Standard Bearer
    -Magic Standard: Faoghir - The Banner of Dwindling
    -Joined by: Wood Elf Noble (Light Armor, Battle Standard Bearer, Spear of Twilight, Helm of the Hunt)

    Treekin (x3)


    Waywatchers (x10)


    So, my theme is pretty much a "living forest" kind of thing. The thing that appealed me to Wood Elves was the foliage that came alive, the marching forest ala "Lord of the Rings" or something. I like that whole kind of thing. So that's why I'm heavy on Dryads, Treekin, Branchwraiths, and run with a Treeman Ancient as my general. I just really like that concept, and want to run with it. I originally wanted to run 40 Dryads (2 units of 20) and a regular Treeman as well as the Ancient. Alas, I have to conceed to the points limit at some time

    But, I think I've found a pretty good list that I'll enjoy, and have fun with, and to me, that's the most important part is running an army and a list that you enjoy.

    Unfortunatley, this list is exactly everything that I have for my Wood Elf army currently. So there's not a whole lot of variety to be had. But it's definatley something I wanna check out, it seems like it'd be a pretty fun army in my mind.

    I'm just wondering, is an army like this really feasible with Wood Elves?

    I play Vampire Counts, so I'm used to low statlines, but with Undead, those low statlines are backed by unbreakable... something Wood Elves don't have. So I'm wondering; is this too low on block infantry?

    Am I really gimping myself by not running with the fast cav, and flying cav, that Wood Elves have access to?

    Or is it nothing to worry about?

    Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can give to help out a newb (to the forest ,that is )

    Warhammer Fantasy: Vampire Counts | Wood Elves | Chaos

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    Here's the list I'd run. You may not have the models for it, but I bet you can find something to proxy to try it out.

    Treeman, as described
    BW, lvl 1, cluster of radiants
    Noble, BSB, lt armor, helm of the hunt, hail of doom arrow

    You lose one fighting character, but you gain a lot of points to improve the overall army. With VC, you're accustomed to maxing out your hero slots to make up for your troops poor stats, but with WEs you don't have to do that.

    I've found that spending less points on characters means spending more points on quality troops, even if they don't cause fear and are unbreakable. A unit of 10 GG with a mus will kill more enemy troops over the course of a game than a branchwraith will, or 10 zombies for that matter.

    And you exchange one attempt at treesinging for the same as a bound spell.

    10 dryads, nymph
    10 dryads, nymph
    10 GG, mus
    10 GG, mus

    Your dryad units are still strong in combat and numbers. Along with the treemen and treekin, you can maxmize your unit size with fear-causing units (and you know from VC how good that is).

    You archery is much better. The standard is a waste on them, especially a magic one, and so is the champion. GG already have good BS, why spend points for one guy to be 1 pt better?

    Your GG will play important roles in your army, offering the occasional flank charge, if just to remove enemy ranks, fleeing enemy charges, and forcing casualties and panic tests with their shooting.

    3 treekin
    20 eternal guard, fc, war banner
    The war banner helps with combat resolution every single turn whereas the banner of dwindling only matters if you win combat and break the enemy. The banner of dwindling is great on a wild rider unit, but not so much for EG, IMO.

    Second Treeman stomp. Second Treeman kill. Second Treeman friends with first Treeman and BSB.
    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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