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    OM NOM NOM arishnakoger's Avatar
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    character builds

    While the advice around this section of the forum is great, no one has really came out to make a real tactica about different ways to kit out our heroes. So, I've taken that task upon myself. Though I am of little experience in wood elves and fantasy in general, i think i may be of some use compiling our knowledge. Cyric, feel free to take from here if anything useful comes up.

    Here is an example of the format i'm going for. Just remember to list the items and kindreds in order descending from highest to lowest priority.

    underlined text is to be copied verbatim.

    Name of unit (noble, spellsinger, ect.)

    COMPATIBLE KINDREDS: kindred x, kindred y. (exclude this if there is no "best" kindreds)


    -wargear 1

    -wargear 2

    Tactics, with brief description and tips go here.

    Here is an example.

    Warmachine hunting/assasination



    -Great weapon
    Hits hard and fast. perfect for shredding warmachine crews and light characters.

    -Amber pendant
    Since this noble will usually be alone, you can't rely on him to necessarily kill those crews or mages on the charge. therefore, he NEEDS to get off his S6 attacks to cut down his enemies before they hit back.

    -Briarsheath Armor
    In addition to being regular armor, briarsheath armor puts a nasty -1 modifier to all BS based shots against this model, which is upgraded to -2 if he is in a wood. In case your character does get caught in sight by shooters, they will already be on a -2 shooting mod (lone model, sheath). hide him in the woods and that's -4 (-2 for sheath, -1 for woods, -1 for lone model). This armor is definitely worth more than its points cost, if used correctly.

    The use of this character is quite basic really, but requires some finesse. For the most part, just sneak around the flanks, out of site from the enemy. Then, charge his warmachine crews or wizards, which are usually in a unit of shooters. If the enemy decides to go after your noble, pull back and let the rest of your army shred them. your noble's foot speed should keep him safe.

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    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Cyric the Mad's Avatar
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    Nice little template, sir. In case you hadn't seen it yet, we've got a community tactica in progress (stickied at the top of this forum). I'm going to lock up this thread and copy your post into the tactica thread to let the contributors have their way with it.

    I'm getting ready to write up sections on Wardancer characters, so I'll likely make use of your template. Thanks for the work!

    p.s. If you feel that you can contribute to the tactica, we'd love to have your input.

    --Thread Closed (link to copied post (Wood Elf tactica - Contributors Needed))--

Closed Thread

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