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Thread: Wild Riders

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    Wild Riders

    First of all are they good at using them in more then 1-2 units. I want to use them in like 3x6 with full command, for my hammer units. Is that a good way to go with them or not.

    And whats the best way to use them/ deploy them. I really want to know where to deploy them on the battlefied (flanks, center, bunch up on one side)

    ANDDDD :::: what a good way to counter a brettonian player who crams all his army on one side, then runs it up. Really hard for me to fight him:drinking::drinking:

    THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl:drinking:8X0::C:party2:;o

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    For a start, cut back on smilies.

    As for the first question, it depends on how you want to use them. Do you want to roll up the flanks (in which case you'd place them on the flanks) or draw out units and use a multi-charge techniques (in which case you'd want to place them close to friendly units, but keep them out of the way of the enemy)?

    For your second question, try using a Treeman opposite where the big units are. He should hold them off for a while (Especially if you have a BSB nearby), allowing you to counter-charge. Another thing which I think you should do is spread out your army a bit, as that's what Wood Elves are good at! Be warned, don't be too liberal with them, as it means he will be able to pick you off piecemeal.

    A good tactic to try is use is to deploy heavily with him on the same flank. Turn 1 you move out a bit, ready to encircle them. If he keeps charging forwards, you will easily encircle him. If he doesn't you may have to work a bit harder to do so, but you'll have the general idea as he'll be couped up on one side and you have the freedom of the board:party2:.


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    The above link may help.

    In general Wildriders are an excellent unit, they have great flexiblity. With deployment you really have no issues as they are very quick and they are fast cav. This means you can use them to trick your opponent by placing them down in one spot and then using their rapid movement to go to a totally different part of the board.

    Against the bretts player have a couple of unit of glade riders to bait charges. Beat him at his own game. By this I mean, if he is deploying on one side deploy yours on the other side. You have shooting units, use them, make him pay for every inch. A unit of scouts to marchblock will also help.

    With the wildriders you should focus on a 2-1 against the knights. That is two units of wildriders charging one brett unit. Preferably at least one unit in the flank.
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