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    My first "battle report"...

    ... and I use that term loosely.

    As some of you would know, I've been lurking around LO for a LONG time, trying to decide on an army. As I've gotten close to finishing off the 40K army I've been working on, I've been playing some games of Skull Pass with my O&G mate (I've been using the Dwarves). They were fun enough, I won every game, but they mainly consisted of me just guarding chokepoints and letting the goblins break on my lines. Kind of boring.

    So, on Sunday, my mate suggested that I proxy a Wood Elf army (since he's well aware that I'm considering them). He certainly didn't have to ask twice. So, here we go:

    My army:

    Standard Alter Noble: HoDA, HotH, GW.
    Spellsinger: Level 1, 2 Dispel scrolls (General)

    10 GG with musician
    10 GG with musician
    8 Dryads
    8 Dryads
    5 GR with musician
    5 GR with musician

    The 2 dispels was because he'd be using magic heavy-ish armies so far against the Dwarves. I really did throw this list together in 5 minutes, because we were short on time. I just went with simple, rather than trying to juggle points to get Wild Riders or Wardancers, although I was well aware that I was lacking much serious hitting power.

    His list (roughly):
    2 goblin wizards, one with the Itty Ring of 'eadbutt.
    1 goblins BSB

    2 units of 20 Orcs with choppa/shield and full command (Mage and BSB, 1 in each unit)

    1 unit of 20 Night goblin archers with Spider Banner (and I've JUST realised that I think that's illegal without the BSB...) (Mage here)

    2 x 5 Spider Riders

    and 4 (FOUR!) Spear Chukkas.

    Terrain, frm my point of view, was 1 very large wood on the left just in front of my deployment zone, 1 building on the right, between our zones, with enough room on the right for a unit to fit through, and another wood just past the building (on his side of the building).

    My deployment:
    GR, Noble and GG with spellsinger on far left, all behind the forest (it was pretty big!). Then Dryads, GG, Dryads in the open-ish. Then GR near the house.

    His deplyment:
    Roughly, from left to right, both units of Spider riders, archers, and then 2 units of Orcs, with Spear Chukkas punctuating his line at various points.

    My plan had been for my right GR to run around the house, through the forest and maul some spear chukkas. The left side was going to kill the spider riders with shooting, then I'd have control of both flanks, and would have Glade Riders in the rear of the block units. The middle was going to play chasey with his orcs until the Glade Riders were ready for a rear charge... Well, that's about as far as the plan got.

    He got his first turn, and there was a general advance, a bit of magic, and some spearchukkas hitting dirt.

    On my turn I move all my units in the left woods to the edge of the forest. The middle sounded a general advance, and the right GR sped around the house towards the enermy spear chukkas. The Noble destroyed 1 unit of Spider Riders with the HoDA, and the GR and GG on the left whittled away 1 Rider from the other unit, and some archers.

    His turn, he surprises me. Didn't take long. I'd totally forgotten about his ability to call a Waaugh!. The Dryads that I'd carefully placed just outside his charge range... weren't. He charges them, they lose, but hold. Nothing else makes combat.

    My turn, my left GR charge Spider Riders in the front (and later wipe them out, and overrun into a position where they've got 4 spear chukkas on their flank :_(
    The right Glade Riders double back into a position on my side of the house, ready to flank charge the orcs when they destroyed my dryads in their next turn. My middle retreated and shot, and my Alter ducked back into the forest to avoid being speared by the artillery, and to hopefully flank charge some unit that I managed to set up. My left GG got shot at, paniced, and ran a short distance, but rallied next turn. Unfortunately, this put them in a position where they couldn't really be useful for anything but just shooting at gobbo archers later in the game.

    His turn, his left (from my point of view) orcs unit (which is now just to the right of my big forest on the left) holds where it is, suspecting a trick (which I would I could say I had planned out, but I didn't). His right orcs unit destroys the dryads, and runs them down, chasing 11", and almost goes right off my table edge. His gobbo archers are still standing there with not much to shoot at. His spear chukkas shoot at the GR flank, and all but wipe it out. (There's 2 left, but they achieve nothing more this game)

    My turn, I knew it was risky, but it was an opportunity that could make or break the game, so I had to try. His right orcs had exposed their rear to my right GR. I didn't have anything to combi-charge with, but it was a rear charge, and winning would mean them fleeing off the board. So I did it. And fluffed my attacks... and lost combat... and was run down. Bugger. On the left, not much of note was happening. The middle GG were still running and shooting. It may have been this turn that my left GG cause a panic test in his archers which sets them off running.

    His turn, he turns his GR-killer orcs back towards the rest of my units. His left orcs unit charges my middle GG, who are 4" away. I need a 5" flee. I roll a 4. The Alter watches from the forest.

    My turn, I've pretty much decided it's a lost cause, so just charge his left orcs with my Dryads. If I'd been smart, I would've charged the Alter in first, but I didn't, and then there was no space for my Alter to get in there (the Dryads blocked his way). The Dryads lose, and again are run down.

    His turn, he doesn't really do much. Moves his right orcs unit, runs his gobbos further, finishes shooting those depleted GR.

    My turn, last turn. I charge my Alter into the flank of his left Orcs unit, just for sh*ts and giggles. 5 attacks, 5 hits, 5 wounds, 5 dead. Laughed my arse off, especially when his unit failed it's break test and was run down.

    That was the end. It seemed like he had a victory, but when we made a rough tally of points (we don't really care about the exact result), I think it was a draw slightly in my favour (I'd killed his general, and taken a standard of his, hile both my characters were alive, and he hadn't taken any standards, etc).

    My thoughts:
    - Heck of a lot more fun than Dorfs. I actually had a reason to move (as a Dark Eldar player, it's obviously something I appreciate).
    - The way I controlled my army was like the way someone controls a car where the brakes have failed. Having been playing Dwarfs, they were just so quick, which generally meant I was able to get myself into trouble quicker.
    - I knowingly ignored the cardinal rule of playing WE: Multicharge. Payed for it too. Ah well, I just couldn't resist the rear charge.
    - I need something hittier. If I did it again I'd change one unit of GR to WR at the cost of a dispel scroll (of which I only used 1).

    The Alter did his job nicely, single-handedly wiping out a Spider Riders unit (expected), and a big orcs unit (SO lucky ).

    Other than that, the GG performed respectably. They killed quite a few models.

    The Dryads, well, 1 unit got jumped by the Waaugh!, the other I threw away. Not much to say.

    Glade Riders, I know I misused a bit. I could have been more patient and shot the other spider riders from the safety of the woods, and then probably could have flank charged the archers. And they didn't perform a single bait maneuver.

    Magic was non-existent for me, and was never supposed to do anything. I think I got one Treesinging off, but generally didn't even bother trying.

    All in all, I enjoyed the game. I do look forward to playtesting a proxied Empire army (my other consideration) as a comparison, but the WE were definitely fun.

    If anyone has any advice or comments, they'll be appreciated.


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    Nice work mate.

    Good selection of troops by the way.

    Glade riders can be a bit iffy to charge with. I tend to only charge them when they can negate rank bonus without giving away too many points in kills.

    Nothing ever works as planned though and you played well.

    Congrats on the result and dare I say, welcome to the Wood Elves! :drinking:
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    The "A Smart Player Will..." theory is a complete paradox. If we make an assumption that everything we do is outsmarted, then theoretically we can never win.

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