I've just been reading through the Throne of Skulls scenario rules (here if you need to see them: http://warhammerworld.typepad.com/wa..._Warhammer.pdf.

I'm wondering what general effects this has on WE armies... Some general observations:

1) The Total Annihilation unit points favours armies with big units of troops, in particular core choices, and expensive non-lord characters.

The point scheme also penalises in particular small units of special and rare troops (unless they're under 100 points). This suggests that units of Waywatchers and Wardancers are not looking too good. A big block of Eternal Guard looks a little more enticing than usual. Dryad units of 10 or 12 rather than the oft seen 8. Treekin seem particulary points effective as a Special choice, especially if there are 4 or 5 of them. Maybe taking 4 noble with no Highborn would be a good idea. Great Eagles are the worst value for points in the army.

2) Strategic Position requires a mix of solid defensive troops for holding home objectives, and a rapid attacking force for taking the enemy's objectives.

(There's a rule clarification needed here: objectives can only be placed in terrain that's counted as open for movement purposes - does this mean WE players will be able to place objectives inside forests? That's a big advantage if it's the case! Also, do WEs place their additional forest before or after objective placement - another very important question that needs to be resolved).

Again, a big block of Eternal Guard might work well. Moonstone of Hidden Ways could be useful here if the objectives are well placed. Waywatchers (and to a lesser degree scouts) are putting pressure on the objectives from turn 1. Warhawks and Cavalry are both very useful.

3) For Trial of Battle, cavalry, warhawks, scouts, waywatchers, and other skirmishers are the order of the day. It should be no problem for the WE player to keep units in all four table quarters - keeping the enemy out of them all is a little more difficult though! Important to keep unit strength of 5 though... Warhawks and Cavalry in slightly larger than normal unit sizes might be useful...

Thoughts anyone....?