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    Doubles Tourney, brainstorm!

    I've just been informed of a doubles tournament in a few months time that I want to partake in with one of my best friends. He's a bit of a noob and plays dark elves. I've not played against dark elves yet, nor has my partner played a game higher than 500 points. So admittidly, at this point we have no idea what we are doing.

    Rules are pretty strait forward for army comp. each person brings 1000pts, min of 1 core each with a 3rd needed on either list. 2 special and 1 rare. max 2 characters per list, one lord choice between the 2.

    I've never done a doubles game, and I'm not sure how to plan this, so I'm looking for ideas/advice/suggestions.

    My initial idea was for a DE gunline with 2 units of repeaters, 2 RBT, and a pimped up unit of cold one knights for some hard-hits, led by a mean caster and a BSB ( to further the cold one's nastys)
    the WE side would have some of the more vicious ground units, 1 dryad, wardancers, and maybe wildriders, treeman.
    For my characters, i'm thinking an standard alternoble and a branchwraith w/ cluster.

    Thank you for your feedback and Ideas.

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    You should try to reduce each others weakness and maximize your strengths.
    I would use a RBT (rare), a DE mage lord w/ reverse ward and displacer familiar, may be a DS, cold one and/or black guard w/ ASF banner, corsairs and/or dark riders.
    WE should be the gun line w/ GG, GR and/or GG Scouts, treeman, and something mobile to support the DE hitters (WD, WR, even dryads). The rest of the characters should be to complete the strategy you have planned .

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