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    Battle Report: Map Campaign against High Elves

    At my store we have been doing a map-style campaign, crossing over the rules for Settlers of Catan into the Warhammer world. Today my Wood elves attacked their neighboring High-elves, as we enjoy our personal space and were tired of being woken up from their late-night band practices.
    The Army:
    Alter Lord with the Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Glamourweave, Enchanted Sheild, light armour
    Level 1 Spellsinger with 2 dispel scrolls
    Level 1 branchwraith with cluster of Radiants and annoyance of netlings
    Waywatcher Noble with the Hail of Doom Arrow, additional hand weapon

    9 x dryads with champ
    10 x dryads with champ

    10 x glade gaurd
    10 x glade gaurd
    10 x glade gaurd
    5 x scouts

    8 x wardancers with champ
    4 x Treekin

    6 x waywatchers
    1 x Treeman

    High elves brought 4x mages (a level 4 and three level 2’s) 4x RBT, 2x archers, 2x shadow warriors, and a unit of swordmasters.
    The Setup:

    I was able to choose sides and selecting the one with the woods in the deployment zone for his side. We set up and I had a hill in my deployment zone. There was a wood shielding my right flank, so I had one unit of dryads and the wardancers behind it, and the a unit of glade guard on the very far right past the wood, with treekin directly behind (these were opposite the swordmasters). He turtles up in the far (my) right corner on a hill, with 1 RBT in the very left corner and a chariot nearby. Placing my waywatchers + hero in a wood in his deployment zone, and my scouts inside the wood closest to me as his shadow warriors occupied the other wood. The treeman and dryads took the far left flank opposite to the RBT and chariot.

    Turn 1:
    He managed to get first turn, not moving anything buy swordmasters and the chariot up. His magic phase was denied all attempts at damaging/helpful spells, and me allowing not one but two drain magics through. His shooting phase did little, missing the treeman with a single shot, killing 5 archers with his other RBTs who couldn’t handle the losses and fled back a few inches.
    My Turn one my waywatchers moved to the edge of the wood facing the majority of his troops. I blasted the HODA at his unit of archers that held 2 level 2 mages and did 13 shots, with many wounds. This caused them to panic and flee off the close table edge. The treeman moved up and stranglerooted one unit of shadow warriors, killing them all. The rest moved forward either 10 or 5 inches (combat/archers respectively). No Magic was cast as treesinging needed a 10 to go off
    Turn 2:
    More of the same, with the chariot trying to charge the dryads and failing his fear test. He killed a dryad with flames of the phoenix, and a few troops with his shooting.
    My Turn. Treeman and dryads run to either side of the chariot (treemand away from the RBT and the dryads strait for it) and the rest of the army surges up as before. Treeman and a unit of archers shoot the chariot to pieces, and in my magic phase I just throw all my dice into dispelling the flames of the phoenix.
    Turn 3:
    He tried to charge my archers with his swordmasters, but they fled. They fled a measly 4 inches and were cut down, but the swordmasters stopped 4” away from the treekin. By this time, however, there were only 4 left. He let loose 1/2 of his RBT shots at either my treeman, scoring 2 wounds on the treeman, and the other ½ on my wardancers, creaming all but 2 of them
    My turn, I charged my Highborn at his remaining archer unit with his 2 mages and my treekin into his swordmasters. The Alter took a wound from stand and shoot, and another from the mage, but did 4 wounds back killing the poor bugger, but not enough to drive them away. The treekin took 2 wounds after saves, and ate all the swordmasters.
    Turn 4:
    I think at this point he had already given up. He shot everything at the treeman, and did not score a wound. The alter was killed by the mage/archer before he could finish his job.
    My turn the charges were declared on 3 of the RBT, and the dryads into the remaining archers. All RBT fell and the dryads ate well, outnumbering the archers + Mage and causing fear and chasing them away.
    This was the end for him, everything was destroyed, and I had only lost maybe 15 models total. I think we were actually on turn 5 when we finished, so I must have missed a turn of surging somewhere.

    Result: Massacre for The wood elves. A smoldering ruin stands as a reminder that we enjoy our privacy and quiet, and the supplies are heavy with pilfered resources.

    Aftermath: with acess to some resources that I am otherwise unable to harvest myself, I've gotten a bit of a boost for production this turn and have begun to expand. I've started a trading alliance with the closest orc&goblin player, who is constently under attack as everyone thinks he is squishy. The comming week I hope to avoid anymore battles, but that doesn't mean they won't come for me.

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    well done sir.

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    Congratulations, well played there.

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    I love it when HE lose. Good game for you. He wasn't the brightest to put mages in with the weak archer units. His list is definitely not the best I've seen either.
    "...and thee shall know the Emperor's might when thy enemies fall before thy guns. No crude Orkish blade can pierce thy anointed armor, nor any twisted alien resist the sting of thy sword." ~Major Kaelen Rhodes

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