I apologize in advance if this belongs in the painting forum. I didn't see very much on WE's there, so I figured posting here would be a better bet.

I'm likely to be starting a wood elves army soon and need to stock up on paints as all my old ones are dried out. I asked in a previous thread about brands and plan on using GW foundations, metallics, and washes and then using either Reaper or Vallejo for the rest. I understand that some colors are better in certain brands than others, and I'm hoping you all can help me make some good choices. I could do this on my own, I'm sure... but it's pretty intimidating given how huge the paint ranges are and the fact that I'll be ordering online doesn't help -- I won't be able to hold up the bottle and see the exact color when I buy the pot.

I'm not entirely sure how I want to paint my wood elves, but I'm likely to want access to a pretty wide range of greens and browns along with a decent range of greys. Some blues and reds for detail work (tattoos and such) will be needed as well, and I might want to grab some yellows and/or oranges in case I go for an autumn color palate. I don't mind going a bit over the top on color selection as I try to avoid mixing when possible to keep colors uniform across units (I like to assembly line troops, and its really bad when you can't get an exact match between models or, worse yet, within the same model if you do the torsos on a different day from the arms or what not.)

Thanks in advance for all your help!