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    Making a 2k Wood Elf Army.

    I have a small Wood Elf army that I would like to expand upon. I could use some tips as to which units to add to my army and which ones to avoid.

    I am looking to create a 2k Wood Elf army that focuses mainly on shooting with magic as a secondary. Mobility is a bonus.

    I am more than willing to sacrifice staying time in a heads up fight in order to attain these goals. I am planning to dance around, weakening my opponent, for four to five rounds and then sweep in for the kill.

    What I have. 11 Archers. 8 Spearmen(I heard that they are OOP and are supposed to have bows now. Will use them as Bowmen until I can replace them). 6 Wardancers. . 4 Smaller tree guys. 2 Hawk Riders. 1 Large tree guy. 3 Sorceress. 2 Lords on foot. 2 Lords on horses. No army Codex. Also 1 Glade Rider Blister and 1 Wardancer Champion Blister.

    An army list, keeping the 2k goal in mind, would be great! A few tips on which units to take and which ones to avoid, with reasons why, would be more realistic.

    Any insight would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Get an armybook as quick as possible!

    If you want to play an army, you need an armybook. But just to get you started.

    3 x 10 Archers (Glade guard) This will be (quite obvious) be you're shooting line, but it isn't mobile and its weak in combat.

    5 or maybe 8 smaller tree's (Treekin) This unit will babysit you're archers and will scare the crap out of everything besides blood knights and greater deamons.

    2 x 8 wardancers. These units will be the mobile units that will strike when you're ready. If you keep this on the flanks you're opponent can go choose between bad and worse.

    As for the heroes and mages, you really need the book for them, because the magic items really depend on you're playing style.

    Good luck

    Dont anger the dragon, he'll let it rain on you all day long. :P

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    The first thing you should buy is the army book, absolutely.

    You have plenty of characters, so you really don't need to buy any more of those.

    As far as troops go, there are lots of different ways of building WEs. There are no units in the army book that are really super awful or super OP -- pretty much everything has its uses.

    I'm not really sure what your budget is, but I can think of a few decent ways of filling out your forces. Items that i would consider buying if I were you:

    1 Battalion
    1 Wild Riders box
    1 Dryads box
    1-2 more warhawk riders
    1 Wardancers box

    That will allow you to field a number of different army configurations.

    The battalion gives you some more glade guard and a unit of glade riders and dryads.

    Add a wild rider and dryad box to that and you have a lot more options. You can field the wild riders as is (or possibly throw in a glade rider proxy to bulk the unit up to 6), field up to 3 units of 8 dryads, or use one of the wild riders along with your glade rider blister to field 2 units of 5 glade riders.

    1-2 more warhawk riders will allow you to use the 2 you already have, although these models are pretty expensive.

    A wardancers box will combine with the 6 models you already have to allow you to field up to 2 units of 8 wardancers.

    One thing I'm not sure about is whether you already have treekin models. You say "smaller tree guys" but I'm not sure if this refers to dryads or treekin. If the models are on 20mm or 25mm bases they are dryads, whereas if they are on 40mm bases they are treekin. If you already have 4 treekin I would absolutely not buy any more. They are expensive models and aren't fielded that often. Some people take units of 4 but rarely more than that. Also, you can convert new treekin from the dryad sprues if you are decent with green stuff.

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