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Thread: a few questions

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    a few questions

    first off i posted a new "dragon list revised" in the army forems withsome questions i still need reviewed also had a couple questions on there as well

    1) does the stone of rebirth really only give you the one 2+ ward save against a single wound then its gone if so wtf were they thinking and for 30 points???

    2)a spirit sword question, ok assume u attack something big with say 3wounds and u do 3 wounds to it.ok its dead already do u still need to do the test? because lets say u lose the test and u have to take wounds that sounds not good to me.or what if if your attacking other rank and file troops with it how does this work every model u hit say u wound 3diff models your touching and u do 1extra wound do u have to test 4times one for each model cause it says "any enemy" in the sword text "not any unit" takes a test and against normal rank and file with higher leader ship u might lose again and have to take damage.im on right about this?if so it sounds scary to wield as i dont want to kill my highborn.

    3)this question has to do with why do mounts such as horses,coldones,wolfs,etc.....
    have toughness/wounds on there stats if you only take into account the rider when attacking calvery?? and some mounts even have high toughness and mutiple wounds
    ,a noble on an eagle for example,so the mounts wounds mean nothing ?

    well thats all i can think of at the moment thx in advance when i have no more questions ill be ready to kick some ass

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    You may want to gently change the tone of your post.

    wtf and ass aren't the most brilliant of terms to use here.

    As for your questions, 30 points isn't too bad for an almost guranteed invulnerable save for you favourite character.

    There are other threads that have already dealt with the spirit sword issues.

    And finally,

    When you attack cavalry you only fight the rider unless the mount is a monster in which case you may attack either or both the mount and the rider. There is a table for monsters who have their rider slain. You can find it in the monsters section of the Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook. Both types of cavalry are able to attack you so knight's steeds get to attack in the same way as a hippogriff would. But you don't need to kill the horses, just the hippogriff.

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    Yup, wtf and ass aren't the best. And capital letters are nice. The site's FAQ will tune you into posting guidelines.

    1. I don't use the stone of rebirth. There are better items.
    2. The WE FAQ from GW says that yes, you still test, for every wound caused. 3 wounds, 3 tests.
    3. For a monstrous mount, like an eagle, the stats matter because you can target the eagle, even if it's being ridden by a character.

    For a regular mount, like a horse or wolf, the stats are there for completeness, though they might matter in rare circumstances.
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