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    A quiet tribute to the underdog.

    Just putting this up here. I'm getting into Wood Elves, and today we played two character bashes, the first one involved a Skaven Plague Priest, an Exalted Hero on Slaaneshi steed, and Konrad von Karstein.

    I was fielding an alter noble with Hail of Doom, Helm of the Hunt, and a Great Weapon. In the first few rounds, Konrad obliterated the plague priest, and started heading to the exalted hero, with me hiding in the woods. I sprung out of them and killed konrad with a mighty five wounds inflicted, then danced around the champion and his 90 degree LoS arc with my longbow until (15 turns, and many cunning chaos movement strategies later) he finally toppled. 1 Notch for the Woodies.

    In the second one, the contenders were Kholek Suneater (a shaggoth character), Thorgrim grudgebearer, Nurglitch, and a Chaos Lord on Slaaneshi Steed. I fielded an Alter Highborn, with the Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, a Great Weapon and Glamourweave. For the whole game, I danced about, and watched quitely sniping a wound off of thorgrim (who lost another one to plague from Nurglitch) as Kholek charged the chaos lord, overran into the cauldron, and overran again into Thorgrim. Thorgrim was reduced to 4 wounds by Kholek, but then destroyed the dragon ogre. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Thorgrim on an open table against an Alter wood elf, with shooting that ignores armour. He died, a slow, painful death.

    I found this exceptional, that a character from one of the least hero powered armies in warhammer won two character bashes, with ease. So, here it is, my quiet tribute to the underdog. Next time I hear talk of a bloodthirster. I wonder how that will go.


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    Well I picked up my first model when I was 7.

    I misunderstood that... ALOT


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    well you did what a wood elf should do, hide until the end of the battle and then at the end mop up. if kohlek had been smart he would have taken you out in the first round of shooting, but that's just his fault. there are ways to beat the underdogs, but then again there are ways for the underdogs to strike back when no one else thinks they will win. Congrats on the victory.
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