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Thread: VS lizardmen

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    VS lizardmen

    So i have been playing against my friend who has Lizard Men. Now in our games before 2k i massacred every battle. we just started doing 2k...and the tables were turned. With a Slann, and THREE level two wizards and i was dumb founded. The 12+ power dice was just wrong.

    I ran the typical spell defense Spell weaver with Wand of Wych Elm, Spell singer dispel x2, and a Branchwraith with a cluster of radiants

    thats 7 re-rollable DD and two scrolls, and the magical onslaught was still poweful especially after he killed my SW.

    So any suggestions on Tactics? im not to worried about the hero build. it held pretty strong for a few rounds. So any idea on how to deal with this on a more basic level. We should assume basic unit tactics from the enemy. AKA the player is an average skill level general.



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    How is he fielding his skink priests? Are all three on engines, or does he field some on foot? If in foot, what kind of units do they run in? One possible tactic that you can run is to go for a strong active magic defense. You're never going to kill that slann, so forget about it. But you can kill his skinks, even if they are mounted on an engine.

    The standard alter is a great tool for suicide charging an engine priest. You loose your hail of doom arrow on turn 1 and then charge an engine turn 2, directing all your attacks against the priest. You'll have a pretty good chance of taking him out, although it isn't guaranteed. Granted you'll probably lose your alter as well, but if you do manage to take out the priest you'll come out evenish on points, plus whatever bonus you got from the HoDA.

    Wild Rider and Warhawk Rider units are also great against skink priests. If you flank charge an engine, both have a reasonable chance of killing the priest if you direct all attacks against it, although it's not great. You're more likely to have to hit it from two sides at once. If you do manage this though, then there is a pretty decent chance that you'll actually win the combat too, giving you good odds of running down the stegadon.

    Skinks in normal units are more vulnerable because they don't have that great save. You can just drown the unit in a hail of arrows or charge the unit as described above and direct attacks against the skink. You'll get fewer attacks but won't have to worry about the armor save. Warhawk riders are actually better here than Wild Riders are, just for what it's worth. A sniper noble can be decent here too, assuming he tends to field his priests in units and not on engines.

    So, IMO, the key here is your special choices - I'd always bring a unit or two of wild riders (6 strong, one with a standard and warbanner) and a unit or two of warhawk riders. I'd probably take either two of each or one warhawk and three wild rider (these units are also excellent at crushing skink skirmishers). I wouldn't bother with wardancers here mainly because I think they are too vulnerable to blowpipes.

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    I like wild riders and wardancers to screen others with there magic resistance. Though it is difficult to screen from large targets.

    Good ideas from swarm, you have to find ways to kill the priests. Sniper noble, or suicide runs, or hail of doom are good options. And you can move around better than his units so concentrate on the weak ones, and shoot them often.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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