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    Thinking about starting WE


    I thinking about starting a WE army. I've played my Lizardmen for 8 years now, so maybe it is time for some fresh meat. Yester day I finished my second local tounament, and both times I got a 7 place. We was 14 players. (1 daemon, 1 VC, 2 Dark elves, 1 high elf, 1 O&G, 4 lizardmen, 1 empire, 1 orge, 1 bretonnians and 1 dwarf.) Yes 4 lizards and we all lost big . The Empire beated everyone with his close combat army and I was his first victim .

    So how good is WE? And what combos are good and which of the magic items are worth taking?
    And what about magic. Can they do anything in the magic phase or just move some of the terrain a bit?


    "We've run into scorpions the size of battle tanks. Three men died from Eyerot last week and I've sweated enough to fill a lake. Emperor help me, I love this place - it's just like home!" Captain Rock commenting on Varestus Prime.

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    W.E is a finesse army. We are terribly weak without a capible general who can read situations and adapt accordingly. We rely heavily upon out moving and confusion, manipulating the battlefield and our opponents into an adventagious situation.

    Read some of the lists and you will see all the typical W.E Character builds. An Alter Highborn with the hail of doom arrow and the helm of the hunt wielding a greatsword is typical of any W.E List. Other characters have a few regular combos and items, mostly because alot of our items are junk.

    They play very differently than most other armies, and a number of armies I have really struggled with myself. They are a very challanging race to play, but that is because it is more about the general you face rather than his army.

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