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Thread: Setting Traps

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    Setting Traps

    So by chance i had 2 units of skelitens overrun into my unit of wildriders on my opponets turn, so then on my turn I combno charged with . . . . . everything I had (2x treemen, 2x alters, dryads and wardancers). the fact that my wildriders did not charge made them get the +1 attack. . . . and the last 2 units got obliterated.

    My playstyle lends itself more towards opprotunist, trying to counter what my oppont wants to do and find an advantage to press. but this is the first game I've managed to win against undead and I'm wondering if i can make something like this happen a little more frequently.

    So I'd thought I'd ask the board for their tips on setting up some traps of a similar nature. How do you bait people into your trap? who sets it up? That, or other stories of similar events happening.
    (really i'm tired of no action on the board so lets fire up some discusion already)

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    This is very situational but is fun when it works.

    You offer up some sacrificial unit with another unit behind it. Opponent charges sacrificial unit, destroys it, and overruns into next unit so that the ensuing combat will happen on your turn.

    Keep some pounce units nearby, as in your example, and the surprise if the unit that was overrun into. Drop a character in there with the Moonstone. Charge that enemy unit with your pounce units and then moonstone the charged unit out of their.

    Multiple charging units resolve according to initiative, most likely your favor.

    it's a bit of a one trick pony but is great fun to manage.
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    I have found one way of setting up a trap is actually by putting a unit of war dancers, dryads a Treeman and an Alter unit all in or around a Wood. Basically a big clump of skirmishers/characters.

    An unwary opponent will approach this big mass of troops as if it were any other 'block regiment'. You can then scatter in all directions and outflank or march block at your lesiure.

    This sounds like a rather unsubtle or obvious trap but it can work. The great thing about this is by keeping your units out of sight (or in heavy cover) you are fairly safe in any event and the speed of your units makes it easy to re-deploy them even if the trap doesn't work out.
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