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    Vermin outbreak!

    I was wondering if anyone had fought the new Skaven book yet? We have got a small league going and I can’t avoid them for ever. I have never liked facing large blocks of rank and file but when they are supported by a giant pile of flesh! Or a Doomwheel! Things become tricky.
    In short just wondering what people have learnt about our new little rat friends.

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    I haven't yet, but I'm eager to. It looks tough. The template weapons could ruin the day for our skirmishers since there are no partial hits for skaven.

    Hordes are always tough, but if you can get good combats, you can rip their units a new one since they're low toughness and lousy armor. Get flanks and fronts so that their characters can't refuse a challenge and retire to the back.

    Anyhow, has anyone played them yet?
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    I've played it with my lizardmen army last weekend. I was pretty concerned with storm banner + 2 doom wheels but it ended up not being anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

    The storm banner with really going to screw us for a few turns but we should be able to deal with it.

    Doomwheels are pretty unreliable so do your best to keep treekin / treemen out of their blast range until you have a good charge on them.

    Their new weapons teams are pretty annoying but we have super ranged and should be able to deal with them fairly early on... even with the storm banner going.

    Plague furnace units of 30 rats should be really easy to deal with due to their frenzy... we have the best stuff for dealing with units like that. Yes, we probably will never want to charge them due to their 2 million toughness tests they can do to us... but that means we can rule the rest of the table.

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