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    Why does this work?

    So for the past three or four battles I have used a similar tactic which inexplicably keeps working. To me this seems rather obvious but my opponents seem to fall for it time after time. My opponents are of fairly mixed ability but they should be good enough to work it out....

    Anyway basically I move a couple of units, say wardancers and a Treeman and an independant character into the safety of a wood. My opponent apparently sees a large mass of troops and marches towards said wood. Once close enough my units scatter in several directions leaving the enemy unit stranded, facing an empty wood and possibly out flanked by two wood elf units.

    This tactic should be transparant and shouldn't work yet it does...what?

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    I find alot of people see a large ammount of stuff and head straight for it. When I play my beastmen and ambush a couple large beast herds right behind their troops on turn 2, 90% of the time people turn units around and end up getting rear charged by minotaurs and a charriot.

    Your tactic seems obvious to you because you know exactly what you are going to do. Most armies do not have the manouverability of wood elves (especially in trees) and so it is unexpected. Alot of armies need to get into combat ASAP to do enough killing to win the battle, but us wood elves are blessed with the ability to set things up and attack when we want, without fear that it will be too little too late.

    The tactic probably won't work against the same person over and over, but against new opponents it seems like a nice tactic.

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