Taking down Stegadon+Mage and Hydras - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Taking down Stegadon+Mage and Hydras

    I am going to go to a tourny this weekend and I have a list without treemen and treekins. This worrys me about taking down the stegadon and hydra as I know 2 players, lizardmens and dark elves players, are taking them. I have two ideas on going about with them.

    Stegadon+mage- Send unit of glade riders within charge range of the stegi after the stegadon have moved. It would have to charge(reaction flee), Burning alignment or do nothing. Burning alignment would be a most likely option and using statistics, it should not take down the unit. This means it would take 2 turns to destoy the glade riders which allows me to flank it with 8 dryads. This should take down the mage and cause the stegadon to stall for 3-5 turns and keeping it out of the game.

    Hydra- Send 8 dryads to the hydra. It should either flame me or charge. If it flames then I charge it next turn. If it charges, it would kill around 2-3 dryads. Since there should be 3 dryads on the hydra I would not be able to attack back on the hydra but 2 dryads should be only in contact with the beast masters which should be able to take them out. The hydra would then have to take a monster reaction test.

    Please tell me if this should work or not.

    Armylist consists of:
    Alter noble
    Scroll Caddy
    10 Glade guards x2
    8 dryads x2
    5 Glade riders
    7 wardancers
    5 wild riders

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    Hydras are hard for WE to deal with. Mobbing it with dryads can work, but it's double saves make that tough. I combat, the only way I can figure to beat it is to get static res via the handlers. It's much less nasty past the first round when hatred is gone. When i fought one I used a treeman to decent effect. It held a corsair block and the hydra in place for 4 turns.

    As for your strategy, I'm not sure. I've heard that dryad mobbing works.

    If you used a treeman, you could shoot it and shave off some wounds. The treeman should be able to take the thing down easy after that. Though, I can't figure how you'd fit one in.

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