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    New to list

    Started playing fantasy not long ago and have a decent force......What else should I look at getting or where should I go from here?

    Got a wood elf battalion so:
    24 Glade guard
    8 Glade riders
    12 Dryads
    Spellsinger (the levitating guy with the weird spikes)

    ordered today:
    another battalion
    High elf lord on drago
    n (to be converted as I think it's a better dragon model)
    Box of 10 wardancers

    So by the end of next week I should have
    48 Glade guard (might make some scouts....whats the general opinion on these?)
    16 Glade riders
    24 Dryads
    10 Wardancers
    Lord on a dragon

    Not too shabby for a couple of months!

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    Well I think the Glade guard will do (I usually field 3x10 of them in heavy shooting lists).
    The glade riders is good as well, maybe get some more later on in the game, I field them in units of 6. But I never fielded more then two units, so you will have enough. You could try to turn the 4 remaining GR (glade riders) into Wild Riders... then you only need one blister of those to get them up to 6.

    I think the dryads will do, they are the backbone of my army. They are resillient (excelent against bowfire - S3 vs T4 is 5s to hit!) and pretty nasty in close combat. The wardsave they have against mundane attacks is pretty awesome two!( I run them in units of 8~12 and about 2~4 units).

    Maybe get some Waywatchers, but they are pretty specialized troops (can openers/ warmachine hunters) so maybe play test you army first.

    I would recommend something like this:

    Noble(look up "standard alter noble" in the tactica!)

    Spellsinger {2 x Dispell scroll} <-- against heavy magic armies

    2x 10 Glade Guard
    2x 8 Dryads

    7 Wardancers.

    Now I think you will have some points left there... but use it as a basis and add units you would like to try

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