So I started playing again, and bought some stuff (not knowing 8th ed would drop) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Junior Member Willmuse's Avatar
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    So I started playing again, and bought some stuff (not knowing 8th ed would drop)

    Hi guys,

    pls help me out here... I sold off most of my WE army bout 2 years ago and decided it's time to get back into it a couple of weeks ago Yay!


    What I have left:

    2x 10 GG ... 16x old archer models, 2x old scout models shooting bow standing on one knee (used to use as champions) and 2x old EG models (converted to standerd bearers)

    8x WD

    17x GR (I usually play 3x units of 5)

    4x WHRiders .. older version models

    6x WW

    1x Eagle

    1x Spellsinger

    1x Noble

    1x General on steed ... Nice old version model that kinda always looked like he should be a HE

    What I bought: (before I heard about 8th ed)

    10x Wild Riders


    We play 1999...

    So I,ve heard a whole lot of things about 8th ed that I dont like, some that I do...

    Q1: Is a GG / GR army still able to shoot it up?

    Q2: Are the WD / WR still any good?

    Q3: What direction do you guys reckon a WE player should go in for a 1999 army list?

    PS: the guys I play with atm play High Elves and Chaos Deamons (but these q's are not intended to unfairly serve as a way to boost my army against their armies)

    Looking forward to your replies


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    1) GG have gotten a LOT better. Now they can shoot in two ranks, and, if they have a musician, make a swift reform at the end of the move phase. GR on the other hand, kind of suck at the moment.
    2) WD and WR aren't in as bad a place as people will have you believe. There's a thread on that can help you effectively use your WD: • View topic - What Will We Do with Our Wardancers?
    There's also one for WR: • View topic - Wild Riders in 8th ed, brainstorm...
    3) I'd say take at least a spellweaver, as he, with WoWE, will do wonders for you magic defense and be able to put some serious hurt on people with Lore of Life. Otherwise, I'm not sure.
    Sorry if I wasn't helpful...

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    Wild Riders with a Razor Banner (new item, gives the unit armor piercing) give a -3 armor penalty on the charge. I ran a 5x2 unit with a Noble and completely wiped out a unit of cold one knights. Against bigger units, which looks like it will be the norm now, a highborn with a Dawn Spear and Wraithstone should prove to be VERY effective with this same group of WRs. Also, don't forget, the banner also gives the steeds AP as well =P

    GG have only gotten better because of what Jellitin said, and a level 4 spellweaver fits perfectly in 1k points, and let me tell you what: Lore of Life is amazing! It not only brings units back from the dead, but it can also wipe out entire units of enemies, not to mention has a spell that let's you ignore a miscast on a 2+ and I with the new table, I don't think I need to tell you how insane that is. I don't think we'll be very magic heavy still, but I do think every list should include a level 4 spell weaver, beyond that I couldn't see more then one level 2 spellsinger for treesinging because of the way magic dice work now (2d6 for the phase).

    Aslo, because of how army comp works now, you can almost always include 2 eagles with your other rare choices (WW for me) with ease because they're pretty cheap.
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    Member Ceithin-Har's Avatar
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    Hey, i knwo im a bit late here, but you know, better late than never

    Anyways, form what i have heard, Glade Guard are MUCH better, but the fact that Glade Riders, are primarily there to run around units, and pick them off, and that this has been taken away from them (I've forgotten why - but i did see it on a thread somewhere ) so they are not good. DITCH THEM!

    War Dancers and War Hawk riders i am intrigued in myslef, as i just brought new WHR, and was considering WD.

    Eagles are good i think, if you have one, you can use it to take out any machinery crew And i think that in packs, they are even better.

    Spellsinger, try spellWEAVER! Give them the Lore of Life, and the Wand of Wynch elm, and they'll kickass! (Hopefully)

    I think general + Noble should be fine, although i dont really know about them

    And Wild riders, i dont really know about them either, but if they are like GR, then they should not be used!

    My opinion with a 1999 point army list, would be to have lotsa GG, Bring melee into the fray!, dryads treekin eternal guard! And Spellweaver w/ WoWe. Although, place a forest so that it disrupts the amount of time that enemy uinits take to get there, as this will allow for more shooting time! (Or use soemthing of your own, as you may need all of the archery that you can get)

    Hope this helped! Good luck with your army

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    Senior Member sirkently's Avatar
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    Some good points. Just want to clarify a few things. Eagles can't fly in "packs" if you meant forming a unit. At 3k, you can have 4 of them, plus whatever you take for character mounts. Forests no longer disrupt movement. If they are went through at speed (march, charge, etc.) they cause dangerous terrain checks.

    Oh, and eternal guard still suck.

    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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