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    ITs all a mindl game..and I think we are losing

    SO how is everyone enjoying the play testing with 8th edition?

    Im loving it so far and think its a very solid change to the ultra min-maxing mania we've been facing for the last few editions. The random charges, the debuff on ultra dragon characters flying around, watching bloodthirsters not be as totaly mindblowing on the field, watching brettonia not erase every unit it points and clicks at, being as a wood elf player i am striking high elves first with intiative 6 , sadness coming from skirmishers working not as effectivly, to me and watching the last two weeks of playtesting warhammer seems to be where it should have been a long time ago.

    which gets me to my main point, bigger units seems to me not to be the way to go.

    Big hording armies keep losing with the people im playing with. Im watching warriors of chaos try to bring two units of 30 warriors or watching high elves bring huge hoard blocks of spear and they have no effectivness against the lists people were using in the last edition. Today I played a game against dwarves and for one of the first times I actualy had an extremely good time. He brought two units of 20 gunmen and I brought 6 units of 9 dryads. It was a pretty big game and both sides had tons more units but the game came down to both of his gunmen units and both of his cannons getting run over by smaller elite units because his bigger blocks of warriors had to contend with my other units.

    to you the reader thinking oh he could have done this and he could have done this, Im here to say yes he could have done a lot of things but the moral of the story was I had a total of 12 units on the board and he had a total of 8 and I out moved him and decided my own fate, and I keep seeing this happen all over the tables I was playing at. The only armies im seeing the hoarding helping with at all is armies that already used them a lot, like the skaven and goblins.

    Ive seen about 30 games using the new rules out of all of them every player said that putting all those points into so few units was what killed them. Im thinking that its all in our heads that these huge deathstar units on the board are just a thought process that everyone thinks is right because of the new rules, where in play testing Im realizing that it may not be so, and where one player spends 300 points on one unit and the other spends those points on two units the one with two units can and will win, merely because he has access to a lot more stuff

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    Thanks for the post! It's good to hear something encouraging about 8th edition.

    It seems like the removed from back rules make it so just about everything in game is gonna have a harder time staying alive in combat. What you reported makes perfect sense to me, on account of the nature of Dryads. at t4 and a 5+ ward they have a similar survivability (against s4+ enemies) to Chaos Warriors and are cheaper! Of course, no static resolution. I guess my point is, comparitavily, our War Dancers got nerfed. So did Swordmasters, white Lions, Executioners, Black Guard, Witch Elves, and Corsairs. But, comparatively, I feel our Dryads got buffed (par from steadfast rules). Just don't send a 120 point unit all by itself against a 400 point unit.

    I'm not at all surprised they're doing the damage they are.

    Regarding Hordes, I think the Horde rules really will fail to benefit any infantry that costs more than 5. Even at dead most, only seven infantry will get in base, which means folks are doubling the cost of their units for only 7 more attacks and a munchload more wounds.
    (my HE list uses Sea Guard in blocks of 20 to optimize their spears and volley fire, for example. I feel anything larger would be a waste)

    Course, if you're paying 12-18 points per wound, that's horribly ineffective. If you're paying 4-5 points per wound, that's golden!
    (Maurader Hordes - 40 men strong - marked of Nurgle with Great Weapons cost just a little under 250 points).

    It seems to me that the Horde rules really just make Beastmen Gors/Ungors, Mauraders, Goblins, and Skavens of all kinds more effective. However, given how ineffective non-elite infantry was is 7th edition, I think I approve.

    Rep for you.

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