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    Looking into the WE under 8th.

    Good morning.

    Since the release of 8th, I'm looking to get back into Warhammer.

    One of the forces I'm interested in are Wood Elves, and I'm looking for some help. I'd like to have a force with the treemen, woodkin, dyrads, archers (glade guard?), waywatchers, a dragon, and maybe some great eagels.

    I'm also interested adding glade riders and/or wildkin since I love horses and the models.

    Any suggestions for me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I guess you mean Treekin and Wild Riders with the -kin units?

    In 8th edition we lost a lot of mobility as a majority of units in our army are skirmishers. However the lores that our Spellweavers can take are impressive and the common items open up serveral options to us.

    Forest spirit armies are popular, utilising Treemen, Treekin and Dryads almost exclusively. Wild Riders also count as Forest Spirits, but are not trees

    There are a couple of posts already that have posted adaptations and ideas for 8th edition army lists. I personally suggest you familiarise yourself with the model range and pick out your 'must haves' for the army and peruse the army book for ideas and army composition.

    If you wish to be more competative, consider the advice of some of the very skilled players that post army lists and suggestions to accomidate rules changes effectively

    The main units that have become the forefront of advantage in this army are unfortuantely expensive models to purchase, but should serve you well. There are also ideas for conversions and alternative models dotted around, a quick search usually turns them all up, or you can make a topic on models of your choice and have a place to share ideas. We're also a lightly armoured army... as in, not really armoured. So don't be disheartened if your first battles end up with you loosing a size of your force, it's an army that takes skill, care and consideration to excel at and can be highly rewarding.

    Any specific questions one models, units etc I will do my best to answer as will most people who frequent this forum Good luck.
    Fantasy: Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Beastmen and Tomb Kings.
    40k: Tyranids
    LotR: Misty Mountains and Rohan

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    Woodelves are a great force! But as 8 people said, they require a lot of skill to be able to manipulate.

    I think that the forest spirit side has really increased in popularity with the new edition, which is good! I suggest that you take alot of glade guard! You'll need lots of archers - as, we are the best in the game! *he says, proudly* - And also, make sure that you have a good sized melee force (treekin [although treekin are disgustingly expensive! £13.50 for one!], dryads, treeman, eternal guard, and possibly orion with a unit of wild riders) A dragon would be good as well!

    If you are really interested in starting, then browse the GW website, buy the codex, and study it against the new rule book, with items, rules, manouverablity, lores and stuff, and see what you think will work best for you!

    Best of luck, and enjoy the experience of starting with Wood Elves!!

    (One final thing though, a spellweaver with the lore of life, is quickly becoming a necessity! Bear that in mind)

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    Just buy Treekin size bases, slap together some sprues and greenstuff spray paint and paint it green tones and brown tones and BOOM, you have treekin

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