So i was looking through the BSB and stumbled across the woodelf army on pg 377. My interest was peaked because i also have an autumn painted army (though mine is of far brighter colours) so i spent a little time studying it and realised that it looked like they had a different Treeman model to the right of the dragon in the lower picture. Now extremely intrigued i looked at the blown up version of the other treeman and discovered that while this one was the same as normal, but with Dryad bits on it it looked almost like a new model.

My mind really going now i thought of how i would replicate this effect...

and then i remembered that i had a spare Dryad torso at home and that i could build on it with greenstuff to make the legs and arms and head, and decorate it with a mass amount of Dryad bits and it wouldnt matter to much if my sculpting was abyssmal, it would probably look great!

Now i know that there are people have tried something similar and was just wondering about your thoughts, suggestions or ideas.