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    2000pt Battle Report - only lost 60pts.

    Last night I played 2000 vs O&G

    The opponent had Scarsnik in a regiment of 67 Night Goblins, a horde unit ofr 40 Orcs with Shields, a Horde unit of 44 Orc Bowmen, and a Horde unit of 50 Goblin Bowmen. and He had a BSB and a lv4 Orc Shaman. He also had 15 Spider Riders and Some boltthrower stuff.

    I took the following:

    Lv4 Lore of Life Spellweaver, Wand of WychElm + Starfire Arrows.
    Hero, BSB, LA, Bane Bow, Hail of Doom.

    4 x 10 GG (with musicians)

    12 Wild Rider (full cmd) Swiftness Banner for +1movement.
    6 Treekin
    1 Treeman.

    So in just one of his units, he had more models than I had on the table.

    I deployed all my units in or behind a wood (knowing they could move into the wood in the 1st turn to gain the shooting advantage). Shooting units were deployed 34" from the enemy so they only had to move 4" to be in range, but would be out of range of the enemy shooting for 1-2 turns. Wild riders on the left flank, facing the enemy spider riders. Treeman+ Treekin nestled in the woods near my glade guard.

    I chose to vanguard my wildriders closer to the enemy spider riders knowing I had a 3" charge advantage.

    The Game:
    The opponent went first, failed animosity with the 40 Orcs with his shaman in. he moved his other units forward, missed with a bolt thrower and that was it.

    • My turn. Wildriders charged and killed the 15 Spider Riders.
    • Cast Throne of Vines then a double 66 on Dwellers below on the 44 Orc Bowmen, killing about 23+the BSB.
    • Shot my other arrows, and the Starfire Arrow caused 67 Goblins+scarsnik to flee!

    Basically I had won the game in the first round but we carried it out. The opponent killed about 4 wild riders, and later another 3, which I brought back to life with a Lore of Life Casting in rounds 3+5.

    • My Treeman beat his 40 Orcs in combat and they fled + were caught.

    • My Archers finished off the other orc archers.

    • Wildriders, Treekin + 10 gladeguard (in the side) charged Scarsniks 67goblin unit after it rallied, and almost killed it, but caused it to flee which the wildriders caught.

    At the end of the game:
    My Wild Riders were fully rejuvinated, even though he had killed about 7 I still had 12/12 at the end because of lore of life.

    All I had lost was 5 Glade Guard, and lost 1 wound on both my BSB + Spellweaver, (from my own mistcast roll of a 7).

    Enemy lost 2000points + banners.
    I lost 60 points.

    Although I dont think the enemy took a great list, for an army of 40 Glade guard and a handfull of fast cav to kill over 220 Orcs + Goblins, in Hordes, felt totaly awesome! If there is one thing I could recommend it is: Give someone in the army starfire arrows to combat enemy Hordes.

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    I had a similar experience like this the other day. I was playing Dark Elves with a level 4 with Lore of Death v. High Elves with Lore of Life. I won first turn, marched everything up. Then used Fate of Bjuna, he missed the dispel by 1, and bam his level 4 was gone, I recieved 2 more power dice from Death, Power of Darkness to 4 dice, then Caress of Laniph his BSB to death. He just looked at me with the saddest face. He lost about 1000pts first turn between magic and shooting.
    Darks Elves 6000ptsWood Elves 500pts (WIP)
    Imperial Guard 5000pts

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