I just picked up the island of blood starter set to get the small rulebook and my plan was to sell of the skavens and highelfs. But when I got home and started looking at the models I started thinking that perhaps I could convert some of the models into my woodelf army.

What I was thinking was to take the highelfs with spear/bow/shield and the standard and musician from the sword ones and make into eternal guards + noble bsb (already got 29 of the eternal guards from marauders, would make it 40, to field as two stubborn 20 sized units (noble bsb in one and highborn general in the other)
What I was thinking about doing was to cut their pointy helms down and cut the emblem of the shields.

Was also thinking about stealing the awesome looking mage and make it my lvl 4 spellweaver and perhaps remake the griffon into a great eagle by cutting of the back of it and put some feathers there...

The last thing to steal is the horseriders and make them into wildriders by cutting their bows of and make them hold the spears instead of having them on their back, perhaps hold a cut of head in the other hand.

So anyone that have seen the island of blood got comments? Do you think its possible?