A large Woodelf ensemble has gathered at the edge of Athel Loren to quench the evil of the Daemon Prince.

Lead by a Greatunclean one, and Daemon Prince a vast horde of mutated bodies marched forward past two gigantic war totems places at the edge of the forest.

To combat this Foe, the forests called upon two great princes of Athel Loren. One an elf and the other a Dragon. Bark and bow side by side, the battle begins.


Highborn on Forest Dragon - LA, SH, Helm of the Hunt, Talisman of Preservation, Strength Potion, Sword of Striking. [Thats 5 Str 7 attacks on the charge, hitting on 2's].

lv4 Lore of Life Weaver, Wand of WychElm, Opal Amulet.

BSB Noble - LA, Hunters Talon + Pagent of Shrieks. [goes with glade guard, sniper for enemy wizards].

Branchwraith, +1Dispeldice

Noble, LA, She, HoD arrow, Sword of Might [to go in with Eternal Guard]. Fire arrow to weaken a unit before engaging.


20 Glade Guard - musician
12 Glade Guard - musician
16 Glade Guard - musician
20 Glade Guard - Full command + Stand and Shoot banner,

20 Eternal Guard, Full command + Warbanner. [Anvil 1].


5 Wardancer
5 Wardancer
6 Wardancer [low points units meant to suicide charge on units to killing blow characters].

8 Treekin
8 Treekin [Hammer Units]


1 Treeman [Anvil 2].


The enemy appeared to have 2 units of 20 Blood Letter, 2 units of 20 Plague bearers, 1 unit of pink horrors with a caster character. a Daemon Prince + Great Unclean one, Bloodletter std bearer 20 Flesh hounds. - And something huge on a Palanquin, 2 units of 6 Flamers, 3 Screamers.

Round1: The woodelves went first. Woodelves manouvered and the spellweaver managed to cast throne of vines. Woodelves fired at bloodletters killing 3 and flamers killing 1.

Daeomons responded, marching forward, flamers fired and magic was cast killing 14 Glade guard (the spellweavers personal unit).

Round 2: Woodelves backed off whlst trees thundered forward to make a line. Small units of Wardancers charged at the flamers to halt their attacks. The Woodelf sniper fired wounding a Chaos wizard. The dragonLord charged the Daemon Prince but failed to reach. 12 Glade guard fired at the Daeom Prince, causing it 4 wounds and killing it!

Daemons attacked back and some Bloodletters charged the wardancers. Fleshhouse charged 8 Treekin and started a battle that was soon to be joined.

Round3: The Treekin and Dragon Lord charged and joined their fellow treekin, slaying all 20 Fleshhounds, but one unit of treekin was badly injured. The spellweaver managed to heal 7 glade guard back to life and cast 4+ regeneration on his unit.
Some wardancers died, but not all. In return they killed the Flamers and continued to fight blood letters.

20 Blood letters charged at the Eternal Guard, who had stepped in the way to protect their archer friends. The noble stood to Fire his Hail of Doom arrow, killing 5 of the red Daemons. Magic was cast reducing the forests Treeman to 1 wound.

Round 4: The wounded treeman fired upon 3 screamers with his strangle roots, killing them all. The Elf sniper fired at the daemon caster killing her. Regenerated, the woodelves fired at the Pink Horrors killing 15.
The Dragon Lord charged at the Great Unclean One - a decision which proved to be his last.

The Great unclean one cast magic, reducing the Forest Lord and his dragon's stats all to 1. The eternal guard finished their battle and had killed the Bloodletters. Wardancers contunued to fight their Bloodletters however. Plague Bearers charged the wounded unit of Treekin, and broke them.

Round 5: The Spellweaver managed to regenerate his unit back to full health, and cast regenerate on the Dragon Lord. All Pink Horrors and Bloodletters were destroyed as were flamers and screamers. Only league Bearers remained.
Glade Guard manouvered to ifre upon and kill the Daemon standard bearer.

Daemons reponded, and disater for the elves. The treeman was killed and the Dragon Lord slain. The dragon continued to fight on even despite being rear charged by more plague bearers.

Round 6: The dragon stood strong but the 12 archers that earler killed the Daemon Prince, were driven off the board.

In Summary:
Woodelves Lost: 12 glade guard, 1 treeman and a Woodelf noble. ~1000pts

Daemons lost: 40 Bloodletters, 20 Pink Horrors, Army Standard Bearer, Daemon Prince, 12 Flamers, 3 Screamers, 20 Fleshhounds. ~2000 pts

The Woodelf Lord had died, but his dragon did not, retaining the forests dignity.

Woodelves declaired victory and the remaining Daemons fled or crumbled after the battle.

- I was very pleased with this result as it was my first try at 4000 points and my 1st ever game vs Daemons. Score One for the Woodelves

- AJ -